Who uses their PM's the most?

I use PM’s quite a bit. But am I an outlier?

Who else here talks a lot on the side?

How many of those are mods scolding you for being troublesome though

I’m a low-number-of-PMs peon. Someone come and ogle me and ask me if I come here often!

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All the 0’s are “Your post has been flagged by the community” PM’s.

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How educational!

Momma always said I’d make for a good teacher someday.

If’n yer a “klock-N-ate-er”, that means y’can teach me how to eat all of ‘em clocks, right? I tell you what, those dang ol’ clocks ain’t gonna eat theyselves.

A talkative klok equals a klokative day! And don’t take too many klokatives in a day, or else you’re gonna have a bad time on the toilet.

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Don’t be a klok’n’hater or you’ll turn into a klok’n’bater, that much is for sure.


Doing a rough estimate, I have about 350 replies, and 45 threads.

Only PM I have is the automated one people get when they make an account.

I am truly a paragon of activity.

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Holy crap

^Who is this guy?

Oi :wink:

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Such activity, very post

I only have like… 5 total PMs.


Just a note that the latest Discourse update re-adds easy access to your PMs in the user menu.

What’s a PM?
Can you eat it?

Personally, I prefer the notion of actual hacking advice/processes people go through when debugging something to be visible, rather than hidden away in PMs. It makes it easier for other people to build off work, and to know what’s going on when it’s out in the open. Plus, FEU has a robust search feature, which means that even if all the work is unorganized, it’s searchable.

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The only PMs I have are basically the auto-generated ones that get sent to all new members, lol.

[spoiler=RE: OPINIONS]
I definitely agree. It’d be cool if people used FEU more as a note-taking platform. There’s been some really cool stuff done in that vein, the AI Documentation thread is a sterling example.

Since we can split conversation threads into new topics, collaborative note-taking topics could basically spawn new topics as research forms around certain focal points. Organization is something we can easily solve with effort on the staff’s part.

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I personally use skype for 90% of my hacking oriented interactions
Seems much cleaner all round

Same here.

Someone do that to me too :blush: