Who is the true evil in Three Houses?

Knowing that Three Hopes is coming soon this month and whether the whole Three Houses have calmed down or not. I need to know who’s the real villain of Three Houses.

Many claims that Rhea is responsible for everything.

Edelgard started a war against the church, but caused mass genocide on one route and got the other two nations involved.

TWSITS got them nukes and should’ve been more of a threat than being sidelined and ignored.

Nemesis is Nemesis.

Plus I needed some thoughts and created this poll for a reason to decide who’s the real threat to Fodlan.

  • Rhea
  • Edelgard
  • Nemesis

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I don’t know if this will be relevant in the near future or outdated by the time, Three Hopes comes out with the Argathran version of Sothis, but it depends. Needed to get this one off my chest and the back of my mind.

P.S. First time doing a post for this discussion and I don’t know the results after this gets posted or how the whole FE community will react to this and might trigger bad blood to be reignited.

the real villains are the people who think that there is a real villain


Insert “The crests are to blame.” line here


Clearly the Players are the true evil


Plot Twist!!, it was Gate Keeper all along!!


Racism obviously

Racism is the true villain of three houses


Three Houses is written in a way where it wants you to find fault with various character or feel justified in opposing them in some routes, but it doesn’t want you to feel bad about being allied with them in others. Those who Slither pretty much exist as a scapegoat/strawman to accomplish this. They don’t really do anything other than just be evil for ambiguous evil goals. Meanwhile, the narrative never really gives any examples of people who were conquered by Edelgard being worse off. This keeps the player from disliking her too much to try her route, but it also made me wonder why stopping her was so important in the routes where I’m opposing her. I haven’t finished every route because I just find a lot of things about Three Houses to be a slog, but in the scene where Edelgard and Dimitri are having a discussion before their final confrontation, I was personally agreeing more with Edelgard even though I was allied with Dimitri.

So yeah, Those who Slither are the closest thing Three Houses has to villain because they’re meant to come across as super evil so that any missteps by the likes of Rhea and Edelgard don’t feel as bad by comparison.

given every group wants revenge on one person
seems pretty clear to me


it’s me, i’m the true villain


damn it’s Sans from Undertale all along, whacky!!


You making children fight to the death.

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Plus we all know that they have inferior growth rates to 15 year olds being deployed on the battlefield and violating the Geneva convention


the true evil is having to replay the goddamn monastery every damn time

Actual leaked footage:



In fact I know who the true villain is

Uh… who is that?

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