Who is the first FE romhacker that comes to mind?


Avraxas is not a romhacker. Try again.


Arent romhackers people who’ve made FE Hacks?

If not then just ignore me from here on out xD


Hacks of an FE rom, yes. Avraxas works with FEXP, which is not a rom. Not to take away from anything he’s done, but he’s not a romhacker.


Alright then. Sorry, I didn’t know the distinction.


To be honest: Blazer
Even though his methods are outdated, they’re great and I’m sure most of today’s methods wouldn’t exist if not for his


Arch and his “Event Hacking for Dummies” . Literally it is the base with which I could start working in my project.


Ryrumeli ~(o 3o)~


The one who make Fe Girls (don’t know who he/she/they is/are)


Now there are a few names I could list, going from different times in my life.
When I first got into the community? Blazer
Before I played the jp games and didn’t really know a thing? Marc
Getting into modern times, as those two were the only two I immediately thought of for years, I’ve met a good number of Rom Hackers, and today, being associated with some of them, I want to say that the first name I think of is either Kirb or Circles. Kirb, for all the jokes he makes as far as Rom Hacking, knows a lot about the Sacred Stones rom, as well as Thracia 776 and the NES roms. Circles is probably the most talked about, for his work on the Skills system, which is sadly all I hear when his name is mentioned.




Unlike Zane
Were both of you working on it? I heard somewhere Kirb was doing most of the work and teaching you as he went. Of course I never fact check so I’m like never wrong


I’m pretty sure Zane is the FE5 modding expert 'round these parts


It’s the other way round, if that. Zane did all the nitty gritty making (and releasing) a better menu patch from scratch, Kirb just copied in Shaya dialogue for a few chapters to get that sweet attention and never released anything.


I probably heard it the other way around then. My bad on that one.