Who is the first FE romhacker that comes to mind?


There’s a lot of people in the community. And some people are well known, while others lurk a lot. The question is; who is the first person that comes to mind as a member of the Fire Emblem romhacking community?

Since I’m consciously thinking about it right now, I can’t fairly answer right now. I’ll probably replace this tomorrow morning with the first hacker I think of.


Probably circles from his great work with the skill system, and I use his converters pretty often.


nintenlord xeld ryru and soc


@Arch because his stupid tutorial taught me how to event but actually just me because I’m great


Icytoast and Flyingace24.
My mind reached way back.


Furry YunSeong, for his work on the world’s greatest romhack… GhebFE.




Ghast probably


@Arch for us tutorials and other tricks :smile:


Gotta be Blazer.


My mentor and one of the true luminaries in our community, @Nintenlord.


Gonna rep the old fogies and go (Dark) Twilkitri, because we wouldn’t have had some of the translation patches of the older games way back when we originally did without him.



A shame he didn’t finish Devourer of Worlds


Arch or Holsety.


Mageknight404 since his hack is how I learned about the community.


Blazer AKA, FireBlazer(somenumber) and Fireshrine, The Last Promise is why.


@Kirb since he introduced me to fehacking, and @7743 for making FEBuilder.


Arch because he is the creator of my favourite hack. Also circleseverywhere for obvious reasons.


A bit late, but to be honest, Avraxas.

I really like Heirs of Rage okay