Which one is your favourite Support Conversation

Out of all the Support in Fire Emblem, What was the best/Wholesome/Cute/Sad Support Conversation you’ve ever read from character? It could be from any game. Mine is…

  1. Arthur and Lute (Sacred Stones.)

  2. Jaffar and Nino (Blazing Sword)

  3. Joshua and Natasha (Sacred Stones)

  4. Sain and Kent (Blazing sword)

  5. Vanessa and Forde (Sacred Stones)

There’s mine. What about yours?

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I can’t forget Ephraim and L’arachel.
I only wish Ephraim and Innes Had a support conversation…


Igrene and Astolfo’s support made this grown man cry. One of my favorites and definitely one of the saddest

Hope you brought tissues

C Support

  • Igrene: You…!
  • Astolfo: Hm?
  • Igrene: Oh…! Is it… Is it really you?
  • Astolfo: Whoa, what the? What’s going on? I’m Astolfo. Just a measly thief.
  • Igrene: …You look like him… You look so much like…my husband…
  • Astolfo: Your husband?
  • Igrene: I lived with my husband in Arcadia. …That is, until he suddenly left without saying a word…
  • Astolfo: Huh. And he looks exactly like me? Well, they say that there are at least three people on the continent with the same face.
  • Igrene: Wait! Let me see your leg.
  • Astolfo: Hey hey, what’re you doing?
  • Igrene: When I first met him, I found him collapsed in the desert. The heat got to him, and he lost his memory of his past. He had blade wounds all over his body, and he had a particularly bad injury on his leg. It never fully healed, and it left a scar.
  • Astolfo: Well, I’m not your man. My legs are clean, I don’t have a scary looking scar like that on either of them. Well, I have to get going.
  • Igrene: Oh…

B Support

  • Igrene:
  • Astolfo: You again?
  • Igrene: Are you… Are you really not him?
  • Astolfo: Nope. But hey, I can’t believe this guy. He must be a real bastard to dump such a beautiful woman like you.
  • Igrene: … Please, let me tell you about him.
  • Astolfo: All right.
  • Igrene: As I was treating his wounds, we started living together. We lived happily for several years. Slowly, his memory started returning to him. I was happy about it, but I was also…scared.
  • Astolfo:
  • Igrene: One day, bandits attacked Arcadia. My husband left to fend them off, and never came back.
  • Astolfo:
  • Igrene: The corpses of the bandits all sunk into the quicksand. I couldn’t find my husband, so I thought he had followed the same fate.
  • Astolfo: Well, then, that must be what happened.
  • Igrene: But… I can’t help thinking in the bottom of my heart that he might be alive somewhere…
  • Astolfo: Ah. I see.
  • Igrene: But… If he were alive, he wouldn’t just disappear without saying anything…
  • Astolfo: He probably wouldn’t be leading such a glamorous life anyway, even if he were alive. I say you forget about him and move on. Hey, I know. Maybe I can give you a kiss in place of that guy…
  • Igrene: !
  • Igrene leaves*
  • Astolfo: Ow… Oh well…

A Support

  • Igrene: Oh…
  • Astolfo: Okay, I suppose the rejected man should slink away now…
  • Igrene: Wait! Gorlois…! …I mean, Astolfo.
  • Astolfo:
  • Igrene: Please look at this… My husband was carrying it when I first met him.
  • Astolfo: What are these scribbles?
  • Igrene: They’re not scribbles. This is an emblem given to Lycian spies. I also did some research on what kind of work they do… And…I now understand…
  • Astolfo:
  • Igrene: Spies carry information that is incredibly dangerous to the enemy if it is leaked. If a spy gets caught, the enemy will dig deep down into his weaknesses. family members and lovers are taken as hostage… And the spy is put through endless torture until he spills every bit of information that he has. That’s why spies have to be alone… They must not make families or friends, or lovers…
  • Astolfo: …I’m sorry to say this to you, but… That guy is dead. He was devoured by the quicksand of Nabata. All this stuff about spies and whatnot… It’s just your imagination. Or perhaps you saw an illusion in the desert heat.
  • Igrene: … I…see… Then… I must have been dreaming… I must have had a dream of a short period of happiness…
  • Astolfo: …Igrene. …No… Sorry, forget it.
  • Igrene:
  • Astolfo: Just…forget it all. …Please.

Source: Igrene/Supports | Fire Emblem Wiki | Fandom


Here are my favorite support conversations through the series.

1 Dimitri and Marianne (Three Houses)

2 Nino and Florina (Blazing Blade)

3 Devdan and Largo (Path of Radiance)

4 Dorothea and Bernadetta (Three Houses)

5 Olivia and Maribelle (Awakening)

6 Eirika and L’Arachel (Sacred Stones)

Ps i would like to see Marianne and Bernadetta support conversations.


artur and tethys


Ooooohhhhhh… :smirk:

Not in order, except for #1 being also my favorite support of all time. It’s not independently the best, that would likely have to go for Felix and Annie, but in terms of story it’s just the absolute sweetest in my eyes. The best gamble he ever lost.

#1. Joshua and Natasha

#2. Seth and Eirika

#3. Corrin and Xander (one of the few writing moments of Fates that was good. I thought it was quite adorable how they both clearly crushed on each other but used it as development instead of it being a staple trademark ((cough cough compared to some other siblings)))

#4. Tied for Dimitri and Byleth/Marianne

#5. Annie and Felix

#6. Dedue and Flayn (Favorite of 3H, though Annie/Felix is a close close second.)

#7. Felix and Lysithea (By far the most depressing for me, cause you just know Felix doted on her greatly after the war, only for…)


Arthur and Lute have the best Support in the entire series! for me only…

Treck and gonzalez idk they’re just learning names at each other it’s funny as hell


I wonder what the remake of Binding Blade will be like! :rofl:

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Improved Quality, DLC Side Story for Al and Crew from the FE6 Manga, Memory Prisms, Debias being Recruitable (Feel the Oliver), Black Fang being mentioned, and where they were during FE6, Solo and Paired Endings with certain characters and that’s about it.

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Thanks for the Idea! I;m gonna make a topic for that! :grin:

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Wait what?

Yep! I’m gonna make a topic of, “What do you want from a Fire Emblem Binding Blade Remake?”

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Oh that makes sense.
Has anyone made that topic yet, you know, just to be on the safe side.


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If there was, I’d get roasted for posting the same. I’ll end up getting roasted then Sigurd.

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We already had a Tragedy of Belhalla. We don’t need a Spin-off. Although, nice reference from FE4.

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I might be cheating, but…

minor DLATMOL recruitment spoilers

I really like many of Vito’s supports in DLATMOL, especially the ones he has with Whitney and Jenna. Vito as a whole explores the idea of animosity towards recruitable former enemy units, which is something I’d like to see more of in FE. (why didn’t Ronan and Lifis get any interactions?) Off the top of my head there are only a few mainline examples like Matthew-Jaffar.

in regards to mainline FE, Lowen-Rebecca, Colm-Rennac, and Arran-Kris are some of the supports I enjoyed a lot. Linhardt-Bernadetta B also comes to mind as a weird example, in that I first read it on the wiki and loved it, but I had no idea that the funny OST is playing during it. Going off script alone it’s one of my favorites, but the music drags it down a bit.

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I like that!