Which Lord idea should I go with

I’m thinking of making a new hack in which gameplay revolved around a unique lord type and I’d just like to see some of you guys’ opinions on some of my ideas so here’s a poll that has the ideas I was thinking about.

  • Lance Armor Lord
  • Healer Lord
  • Thief Lord
  • Supply Lord (like FE6 Merlinus)

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For the supply lord, I was thinking about having chapters be more revolved around missions like reaching a point in x turns or obtaining a specific item.
The thief lord idea was kinda similar in the sense that the chapters would be less about strictly combat and more about stealing certain items to trigger a certain event etc.

I’d just like to see some thoughts on this or just start some discussion.


Why not a Supply Lord who wields Staves and can do thieving.


Well a supply lord seems a little tedious in my opinion, and even if you have a thief lord combat doesn’t have to be too laid back and more emphasized on item thievery if you have other units that can fight. Having a combo of a thief and healer would be pretty dope tho. Sorta like the adventurer class in conquest.


Thief Lord is pretty nice. Since they have access to supply/convoy, you basically never have to worry about not having inventory space for stealing (you can put something in convoy, then steal on the same turn).

However, if you wanted something really out-there, then try Gorgon Egg. Of course, while I’m not 100% serious, this idea is also not without its merits.

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hahahhaahhaa or i could just use the warp staff.

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i assume everyone would say thief lord, but a good example of a staff lord is the Dragon Herald hack. I think she’s done pretty well,

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Or Lance
Besides his Cavalier ptsd.

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supply tent supply tent supply tent supply tent supply tent supply tent supply tent supply tent supply tent supply tent supply tent supply tent


I don’t see the option for Fleet lord. We must have the land boat

(Do whatever you desire, Ganzap. All of these can definitely work)


I agree with Warpath. Do what you want to experiment and hack for yourself. It is such a huge time commitment. Focus on what you find most interesting and fun and I’m sure others will also enjoy


Thank you Pandan


no clear lord is best lord

Lordless FE would be pretty novel. True ensemble cast.


hold that thought

I wish ensemble works were more common in general in media. There’s absolutely zero tension and drama when, for example, a TV show sets up some life-or-death plot for an episode with “will our hero make it out?” when you know full well that since it’s the leading actor or actress and they haven’t quit the show (or equivalent reason for not being there any longer) that they’ll come out unscathed.

It’d just be a Path of Radiance-level of effort with conditional dialogue to account for anyone being able to be dead…


Dancer lord be like


Ballistician or boat lord

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lord: void
weapon: lance
luck: 0 (knoll much)

Sorry. I had to.

I voted for staff lord in the poll because it sounds fun to give out gimmicky staffs early by having them be preferential to the lord (or even tweak the leftover Ninian dance effects and turn them into buff staffs). But immediately afterward, I started thinking about the merits of a thief lord. I have a bad habit of forgetting thieves in my games until I get to a castle map and realise I have to put door/chest keys everywhere because I didn’t give the player a thief. But making the game centred around a thief would actually be really ineteresting because thieves have a lot of utility, so you want to use them, but they’re not good at combat so you have to make sure to do a good job of protecting them too. There are a lot of potential scenarios you can do (stealing, opening locks, disarming traps, finding items in the desert) that would make a thief protagonist really interesting and fun to use.

I think a lordless game could be pulled off, but there would need to be some radical changes from the norm. The main story would have to be mostly about the bad guys; the good guys can still have scenes where they interact, but they all need to be non-essential so you can skip the scene if anyone who takes part in it is dead. Maybe it could be pulled off if the main character were already dead… like, he was the hero of destiny, but he got killed by a lucky crit, but since he’s the hero of destiny and all he has to guide whatever characters the player is using to victory as a ghost in order to properly fulfil his destiny and rest in peace.


ghost lord, heck yeah. Now I’ll be forever looking forward to that.