Which GBAFE game should I do for my first ironman?

  • FE6
  • FE7
  • FE8
  • Romhack (state in comments)

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FE8 best.

IMO FE 8/7/6 for easiest to hardest so you get used to it

What’s an “Ironman” run?

7 or 8 will work fine but do not, I repeat DO NOT do an ironman of FE6 on hard mode as your first. This can easily lead to having to go to Sacae, losing most of the characters that start somewhat decent, losing the true ending, not being able to recruit most of the characters that do have a decent start, HENNING, not having enough promotion items, and the list goes on.
There are so many things that can go wrong with an FE6 hard mode ironman that it can easily kill any enjoyment you would have from an ironman

Now then, if you’re open to suggestions, FE11, 12, and 14 are great jumping off points for ironmanning, all three have a large cast that can actually contribute due to forges and effective weapons as well as unlimited reclassing and generic replacement, capture, or einharjar units.


i meant first ironman, but i get your point

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that’s what I assumed

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It’s a way of playing fire emblem where if a player unit dies, you don’t reset. If your lord dies you lose the ironman run

I was going to do normal mode anyway. I’m more of a casual FE player

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I’d say try FE8 first. It has a small cast but the weak enemies make up for it I guess. And you can play on hard if you feel like normal is too easy.
FE7 is also a good option since almost everyone is usable but like FE8 there are few characters that can actually be replaceable.
FE6 has a large cast but not everyone is as usable as in FE8 or 7, so it can actually be harder to ironman even in normal mode (except if you give stat boosters to the less viable characters, but they are rare).
FE11 is the best game to ironman. FE12 is also a good option.
Dark Dragon Reborn is a FE1 remake in GBA inspired by FE11 and with some characters buffed so they can be more viable replacements.


FE8 that’s the easiest FE game to iron man as to because the enemies are weaker. Fe7 in my opinion is a bit balance than the other 2 while FE 6 is required to have a strategic mind of a god. Am I Joking? maybe/maybe not.

FE6 but not hard mode. It gives you enough characters so that even if you lose a lot you still have a chance.


I’m also gonna vouch for fe6 normal mode. Just don’t expect to get the best ending if it’s a blind ironman, fe8’s too easy and has a pretty small chapter and unit quantity