Which FE has the best OST

Ey guys, Hows it going.

I created this post because i love music, and earing a good OST in any game always help me take more affection to it, and to keep playing.
So i had this doubt, which FE game have the Best ost in general, by the comunity?
So yeah, here we go, you can vote 3 ost.

  • FE 1 / FE 3 / FE 11 / FE 12
  • FE 2 / FE 15
  • FE 4 / FE 5
  • FE 6 / FE 7 / FE 8
  • FE 9 / FE 10
  • FE 13
  • FE 14 (All paths)
  • FE 16 (All Paths)

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Also, i packed up some of the osts who are like remakes, or from games with very similar style.


16, Huh? Sure it has nice tunes, but I sincerly prefer Echoes.

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Yeah, Echoes Themes are Fire, is one of my Favourites, but something bad, is somethimes you can get tired of some of them, like the battle theme.

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you get tired of the battle theme in every fe though

Why is it grouped by continent, each game has a different OST, each game should be a separate option

Awakening, GBA-games and Echoes are fantastico. FE4/5 is my personal 4th place-groop tho.

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I was making a ranking some time ago and this is what people decided:

Basically FE15 has the best OST, followed by 3H, and then FE4 and FE10 are considered to be on the better side.

It is true that they are different, but tends to share elements and have similar styles. Thats why I stacked them together.

Welp, not really, From FE1, to Fe13. There is usually a Battle theme, wich always sounds during normal Battles.
While in Awakening, Fates and Threehouses, the Ost becomes Dynamic, and there are two versions of a map theme, like thunder and rain.
Were Rain sounds in the normal map, and the Thunder version of that theme starts playing when the battle also does.

I’ve never played those ones.

Tough call, seriously. If theres one things the game consistently get right, its bangers of a soundtrack.

I think RD has the best, but 3H has an outstanding ost too.

Dont search up Narcians theme :flushed:


Hard to decide the between Echoes, Radiant Dawn and Genealogy of the Holy War.

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Really surprised about seeing Gba games above most modern games. I mean, we all love Gba games here, but… how?


fe2/4/5/15 aside (because those are pretty cold takes i think) i actually really like the very mellow and soothing feel of fe11’s ost, even if h5 c1-3 is anything but


fates for sure, you can say what you want about birthright and revelations gameplay and the story of all three but god damn is the music of all three games fire, getting past the era of chiptune and DS stuff was a large jump for Awakening and it has a decent enough ost and 16 is… okay but Fates is just sublime with it’s arrangements (especially Hoshido themes)

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Huh, not really what I thought the results would be, honestly surprised the majority seems to think that echoes has the best OST, I thought it be Tellius or Jugdral for sure

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I agree with @theghostcreator fates ost is really, really good in general, Justice RIP, Alight, No Justice, A dark fall, Thorn in you (one of my favourites)… and i could keep up with the list, these themes are really easy to renember because of how much personality and how iconic these are, also depends of the path.

While Echoes as also really good themes (Twilight between gods, king of a dead empire, The heritors of Arcadia), and they can be also really easy to renember, but not as many as fates, i mean in terms of cuantity / quality.
But anyways, if you prefer one or other, that’s subjective.

(Still dont know why Gba titles are 2nd)

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Between In the Name of Bern and Narcian’s Theme
Can anyone argue against fe6?

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yes because gba beeps and boops SUCK