Where to change the Title Screen and How?

I’m making a Fire Emblem 8 ROM hack called " Fire Emblem: The Dawn of Destiny". I am currently ready to share my first chapter, or prologue of the ROM.

But there is a touch I really wanted to do. Change the title screen.
How to do it.

what exactly do you wish to change?
the two methods i can think of would be editing the components that make up the title screen (the fire emblem logo, the dragons, the background), or use the 256 colour titlescreen background. if you’re using febuilder, the components/256 colour bg can be found in the patch section, if you’re using ea it’ll be slightly tricker but 256 colour bg can be found here

What file should I pull out.

well, are you using febuilder or event assembler?

Just use FEBuilder for it.



yeah just follow blademaster’s reply then