Where is the FEBuilderGBA application

For some reason whenever I downloaded the latest version of FEBuilderGBA, it doesn’t give me the application. Any suggestions? Please help me I want to rom hack a fire Emblem game so bad.

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So you downloaded the file and then what? Did you go to downloads, move it into a folder and then extract?

Did you get a ZIP by any chance? You usually have to extract the zip to get the application.

Also, where did you download it from?

Yes I did

Yes I did that. Can you please give me a link to a download. I downloaded it on Github.

Git hub

I downloaded it with the very first link on fe universe. 7743 (The Creator) Send a link like this. when I unzipped the ZIP folder, it gave me a SLN File. I checked everything that I download. heres the link.

Sounds like you downloaded the source code instead of the actual application.

You downloaded the source code.
Download the highlighted file instead.

Thanks you guys I now have it. I will be rom hacking soon enough. Again thank y
ou so much!!!