Where does the enemy stands in Magic Animations? [FEBuilderGBA]

So, when creating my magic animation, just for easiness and convenience, I would like to know where the enemy stays at both short and long range so I can create a precise magic animation.

Would someone be kind enough to show me the ropes?


If I wasn’t clear enough, it is the same thing in these two images; however, these show the battle animation references; I need the magic animation references.

HUD Templateunknownhjhio


I would also like help with this, because I would like to make custom spell animations.

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Lul, we are both!

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I’ve assumed magic uses the same locations as melee and ranged. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s the only way it can work since there’s no such thing as a non-magic ranged attack that scrolls. Only thing l’d hesitate on is long, long range spells like Bolting and Ballistae, but even those most likely use the same spots as ranged.

So, I tested Kemui’s theory, and it’s pretty much that. However distance changes the “focal point” where the animation will show. As seen in the example:

  1. Purple: Long Range
  2. Red: Close Range


How it looks in-game.

—Short Range—

—Long Range—

I believe someone did some research into it some months ago. I will try to check it out or find a solution for the rendering of the animations changing between distances.

Thanks for clarificating for me! @Kemui52

@Glofrithu, You may be interested in this reply.


Yep. I believe that’s why you’re able to define different magic anims for melee and ranged. Yeah, there’s a patch called “Melee/Ranged Different” that allows this.

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I see. I just looked for the FE8 patch and found it!

So. Just to help people out, I will put the image with both a Green Background and a Transparent Background here.

Base Image

[A] Use this as a base, with you want to compare, etc, etc, etc
A Base

[Transparent BG]
A Base (Transparent BG)

IF you are using patch
  1. Long Range - Only
    1. Long-Range Only

[Transparent BG]
1. Long-Range Only (Transparent BG)

  1. Short Range - Only
    2. Short-Range Only

[Transparent BG]
2. Short-Range Only (Transparent BG)

IF you are NOT using patch
  1. Middle Term - Only (Non Patch Only)
    3. Mid-Term Range Only (For Non Patch)

[Transparent BG]
3. Mid-Term Range Only (For Non Patch) Transparent BG

My deepest appreciation and thanks! @Kemui52, without your help, I would be drifting in tests and making mistakes for a long time! I will ping your prior comment as the answer to the question. If you would like, you can also copy and paste what I wrote, and I will ping the new comment. Thanks again!

@Glofrithu, since you commented, these are the images you can use as a base to create your magic animations! I will also be working on mine!