When trying to insert 16 color backgrounds, FEBuilder automatically converts the intended transparency color to something else


In the image viewer on my computer, the transparent color is meant to be a solid black on the right. However once it is inserted, FEBuilder substitutes it for a color on the background, causing that color to become transparent in-game. Why does this occur, and how can I fix it?

(As with portraits, the background is only 15 colors, while the transparent color is the 16th.)

is the solid black the first colour in the order of the image’s palette?

I am not sure how to check this. The best answer I can tell you is that Usenti only shows it as the 16th color, but I have no idea if there is any correlation. I have also tried changing the solid black to a solid blue, and there was no difference when inserting it.

(Ignore the 3 other palettes beyond the first)

If you notice on the right where all the colours in the palette are displayed you’ll see that the pink is the first in the palette. You can swap colours in the palette order around easily by selecting the ones you want swapped and clicking Alt + S.

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