What your favorite FE hack says about you

So I read this reddit post and was inspired to make something similar but for FE hacks

TLP: You joined the hacking community a long time ago, back in ye olden days when FEditor+Nightmare was the standard, and was introduced to FE hacking with TLP or the Ultimate Tutotial. You probably love the Ultimate Tutorial and love TLP for being a complete hack, and for its gameplay. You think “how much weight can you handle” actually wasn’t that bad. Also seeing wyverns on mountains triggers PTSD.

Requiem: You are similar to those who have TLP as their favorite, but prefer story over gameplay. You’re glad that Requiem doesn’t have anything that can be memed as easily as Kelik. Instead of wyverns triggering PTSD, PTSD is triggered by ginourmous maps and open space, so uh have fun playing Genealogy. Or maybe Genealogy is your favorite FE game.

Elibian Nights: Your favorite game is either FE7 or FE6, though you think that there could have been a little more added to both games to make them perfect. You enjoy the more free-flow style of Elibian Nights. This was the first hack you played, and Arch’s eventing tutorial/bootcamp/whatever introduced you to the wider world of FE hacking. You hope that Arch will complete it sometime in the next decade or two.

FE7x: FE7 and FE6 are also your favorite games. You’re similar to EN fans, but prefer a more linear structure and story. You like that FE7x has both good gameplay and story, and is also on its own engine. You eagerly anticipate the release of FEXNA in 2025.

Exalted Legacy: You moved on to waiting for the release of GFE1R, though you might wish there was a Nintendo Treehouse to cut facepetting out.

SoA: You joined the FE hacking community much later, when FE8 became the norm and buildfiles became the preferred hacking method. You prefer quality over quantity, and are excited for what SoA switching to FEXNA could result in, though you are a little sad somewhere, deep down inside, that it’s no longer a hack.

TRTR: You like TRTR for having solid gameplay and story, that is also complete. As such, you wonder why more people don’t have it as their favorite. You resent Mangs for making a video on why he doesn’t like TRTR.

Midnight Sun: Similar to TRTR in that you like that it has good gameplay and story, but you also like that Midnight Sun is noticeably different gameplay-wise from Vanilla FE8. You also like how the original map cutscenes are integrated into the story extremely well. You wish that it was not discontinued.

OCA: Awakening is your favorite FE game and you love making self-inserts. Or maybe you like other stuff idk?

Bloodlines: You are a fan of Ghast. You like the addition of non-humans, and other interesting gameplay/ASM additions.

Dream of Five: You’re probably also super old.(I barely know anything about DoF)

Void’s: You like Void not because of the overall quality of the hack, but rather what was accomplished through it. You were probably active on FEU when Void’s was being made. You donate to Circles.

Resonance: wait people like this?

Awful Emblem: You prefer a game that is okay in all areas rather than good in one area but bad in others(TLP, Requiem). You’re probably from SA forums, and like TLP and Requiem fans, you’re from an older time. You’re hopeful for what the reboot could bring, kinda like EN and SoA fans.

Maiden Quest: You like hacks being more humorous rather than serious. You also probably like Project Z, and are sad that Cedar disappeared off the face of the Earth. Emily mode gave you PTSD.

FE7 Chaos Mode: You like gameplay I guess? I dunno I know next to nothing about this

Super Thracia: You are a masochist, or you are literally God

Dorcas Emblem: Dorcas

DGE/DDOP/Corrupt Theocracy: you are A S C E N D E D. Remember to take your Killer Axe and Kill, and everyone else is Monkey Sperm for not recognizing the utter beauty and perfection of these hacks.

Did I miss any hacks, or say something incredibly inaccurate?



Should be “You enjoy being forced to wait for never ending amounts of time.”



Left Japanese on.
FE7x ain’t a hack, also who is the stupid person whose favourite hack is TLP?




Well you got that right Ghast next patch when?

Literally every single thing on that paragraph applies to me but at least spell it correctly smh.
Edit: Pretty sure EN never moved to FEXNA, Arch just started a new project on the engine.

Lemme fix that:

Also you missed crimson arm (I didn’t have anything to say about it anyway just pointing it out)

Lemme add that real quick

Yay, I am A S C E N D E D.

tbf arch can’t spell it right either

and lemme fix that too

So Dorcas Emblem means I have good taste in Anime? YAY!

After playing the first 5 chapters of Dorcas Emblem I plugged it into FEBuilderGBA and made every playable character a fighter. It was AWESOME. (Serra bashing skulls in w/ an axe is a good time.)

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Either that or you’re an egg

Read me like a book.

You’re even older if you like Decay of the Fangs.
Super Old Squad, where are we?


You’re even older if you like Decay of the Fangs.
Super Old Squad, where are we?[/quote]
Here I am. I still think it’s a classic.

…who changed the fucking quote tags? goddamnit

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How many sacrificial lamps does it take to get this out of the grave?

About the amount of lambs you would sacrifice if you sacrificed 1 lamb a day between now and the release of FEXNA

You missed the best one
Gay baby emblem

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Uhh shoutouts to simpleflips?


What about The Ostian Princess?

Azendus didn’t forget it.

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I like FE7X and I like FE6, but I majorly dislike FE7 for its Story and hectormodes first few chapters