What we’re your first impressions of the three houses cast?

Hey everyone today I have a video with of my my good friends getting their reaction and rankings of fire emblem three houses characters.

It’s got me wondering, what we’re your personal opinions of some of the characters before playing, did any drastically change? Personally I didn’t like Lorenz or Symbian before playing and now they’re if of my favorites in the whole series.

I thought dimitri was basic and dorothea was interesting

now I know better

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I knew that I would like Petra from the moment I saw her in the reveal trailer. She had a certain charm that caught my eye. I liked the fact that Edelgard used both swords and axes. It is rare to have a character that can use both of these weapon types early on in the game. I did (of course) not know that weapon types were not class restricted anymore back then and thus I was looking forward to how they would handle Edelgard.

The other students did not do too much for me in the beginning. When the release date came closer however, I started liking all of them.

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I didn’t expect to like Seteth, Marianne and Ferdinand nearly as much as I do, nor did I expect Claude to be my favorite of the lords (and Edelgard to be my least favorite, though I hardly hate her)

I also fully expected Rhea to be another perfect pacifistic Nyna-alike and was pleasantly surprised by basically everything about her

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