What the hell are growths anyways

I need a basic understanding of growths, like how they work and what they do

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Growths are a percentage chance to increase a stat point.

If a character has a 45% growth in SKL, that means when they level up, there is a 45/100 chance they will obtain a SKL point.

If the number is above 100%, you’re guaranteed to level 1 point in the stat, plus an additional chance to gain one more point.

If a unit has a 125% growth in SKL, that means they will get +1 SKL each level, plus have a 25% chance to get an additional point of SKL.

Hope that answers your question.


Each time you get a level, the game generates a random number from 0 to 100 per stat. If the numbers is lower than your growth in this category, you get a point.
I you have more than 100% in a certain category, you automatically get a point and your real growth is rest(growth/100), so for example with 125% growth in HP you always get one point and have 25% chance of getting 2.


unlike normal rpgs designed for humans Fire Emblems level ups are entirely random, a growth rate is the percent chance a unit has to gain a stat in a selected area

let’s use fe6 Karel as an example, here are his growth rates:

Karel in fe6 has the highest growth rates in the series but he’s a level 19 swordmaster so he only has one level

every point over 100 is a chance to get a second point and every point over two hundred is the chance to get a third point

so this means karel
always levels hp twice with a 10% chance to get a third point
always levels strength has a 30% chance to get a second point and so on

Actually, in FE6, it is possible for Barth to not level up hp.

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that’s a glitch and the binding blade being the binding blade, it’s also very unlikely if it uses the same formula as the hit rates (I assume it does because there is also a very low chance for you to miss a 100% in the binding blade)

This community is the best man
Thanks for the info :slight_smile: