What’s your favorite FE game for consoles other than GBA?

Since there’s one for GBA why not more? If a console only has one game, they are not eligible. Spinoffs and major route splits are included.
I guess it’s my turn to make a weird community post.

  • Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light
  • Gaiden
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  • Mystery of the Emblem Book 1
  • Mystery of the Emblem Book 2
  • Genealogy of the Holy War
  • Thracia 776
  • BS Fire Emblem
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  • Shadow Dragon
  • New Mystery of the Emblem
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  • Awakening
  • Fates: Birthright
  • Fates: Conquest
  • Fates: Revelation
  • Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
  • Warriors
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  • Warriors
  • Three Houses: Azure Moon
  • Three Houses: Crimson Flower
  • Three Houses: Silver Snow
  • Three Houses: Verdant Wind
  • Three Hopes: Azure Gleam
  • Three Hopes: Scarlet Blaze
  • Three Hopes: Golden Wildfire
  • Engage
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Well, if you dont mind, I would also add Tear Ring Saga (psx) to the list. It is not officially part of the same series, but it is very similar. Plot, characters and bgms; all memorable. :sunglasses:

A bit sad im the only who voted for birthright but all TH votes being blue lions feels funny


I don’t know what to vote for switch cause I only have 80 hours in 3:H :cry:

Thracia 776 is the best SNES Fire Emblem hands down.
The story is great, and the gameplay is severely underrated. I love how similar it feels to the next few games in terms of UI and everything.
Defending/Surviving, and Escaping as an objective are such great additions! Moreover, weapon ranks are now able to grow (screw that Wpn Level BS, as well as Genealogy’s heavy favoritism towards Crusader Blood units), which is one of my favorite mechanics, and I would love it if Intelligent Systems just stuck with it instead of taking it out in recent games like Echoes and Engage🥲

Also, noooo, my dear Tellius games​:sob::joy:

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