What is your experience with Randomized Fire Emblem?

I had played 5 Run of Randomized Sacred Stones, 3 with Universal Randomizer, and 2 with Self-Randomizing Hack, and for the Universal run, I renamed all the playable chars name, and for the third run, I manually patched Skill System and Randomly assigned Skill to the Chars. I’m currently planning to try Yune.

So, back to the question: What is your experience with Randomized Fire Emblem run? How lucky you are with the RNG? Let’s start with mine.

To start with, I usually randomized the growth, bases, con, class, and recruitment. I never randomized MOV and Item stat since I only wanted to randomize the char and keeping the other mechanic vanilla. Also because I’m a casual player I haven’t buffed enemy Growth. This is some of my experiences:

  • Freakin Powerful Unit and ridiculously weak ones.
    This might because I set the threshold a little to high, but I usually got some kind of unit that it’s so powerful it might can beat OG Seth. For example, In the third Universal Run, I have a Berserker that have ridiculously high STR, SPD, AND SKL growth, and I randomized his Skill and got CAPTURE, and it got quite nice CON to boot, so i can take Caryle’s Wind sword and use it myself, and in the same run, I got a merc whose growth are all below 30%.

  • Weird Tanky unit.
    So far, i got Tanky Paladin, Tanky Mage, Tanky Flier, etc. And most of the other ‘usable’ unit can take quite a hit. The only exception is my Second Self-Randomized run where I only got 2-3 unit that can reliably take hit, and even that it’s either dodge Tank or High HP but average DEF.

  • Chapter 5X becomes a Puzzle Level.
    In my first Self-Randomized Run, There’s only one Vulnerary in inventory and 1 droppable one, so I had to try take as little damage as possible. In my third Universal Run (the one With Skill), All unit except Orson have low strength, but one have Seal Def, while the other have Spur Strength.

  • I can accept unit death better here.
    For some reason, I tend not to reset when i lost a unit compared to vanilla FE and most Romhacks.

  • Healer Crisis.
    Sometimes, I barely got no reliable healer. It got worse in third Universal Run, where most potential Healer either dies or too suck to be useful It is only after i reach chapter 11 where i got a reliable Healer (A Dozla replacement), and I finally promoted my Mage to Sage, leading to a total of 2 reliable Healer in a single run.

  • Lord that is worse than Roy.
    It also got worse in third Universal Run, where both Eirika and Ephraim replacement sucks. The Eirika Replacement is even a Journeyman with Bad Growth, and it can only contributes to the battle as Merlinus-like that can chip damage.

Honorable mentions:

  • My Ephraim Replacement is L’arachel Twice
  • Early game Difficulty Spike
  • In my third Universal Run, I renamed Ephraim after me, but kept Eirika’s name because I lost ideas. I somehow manages to make them reach A Support, which mean yes, Eirika is my FE Waifu now.
  • In my Universal Run, I renamed Syrene after my Art Teacher, it got Randomized as Ephraim lord Class twice, and all her incarnation are reliable unit.

Just recently started one, this is Wil’s replacement lmao
Huh. Starting dead huh? (I guess this is what happens when Erk’s replacement is a Pegasus.)

Mine started when i was randomizing fe8 and eirika got the female mercenary, and became a literal god on the battle field.


What happened to Dorcas?

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He got (fat if you’re uncultured) PHAT.


I really don’t like randomizers. I don’t know why, they just don’t work for me. Tried playing fe8 sr multiple times, but it just doesn’t click, y’know? I can’t really explain it, but they went very stale for me.

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I don’t have the savefile anymore, but I remember that during one of my many FE4 randomized runs, I got a Sword Knight Coirpre who had nothing going for him. Still, I challenged myself to get him to LV20, and he ended up becoming my strongest unit as he promoted into an Emperor with 30 in every stat.

Also shoutouts to the Sleep Sword for being the only reason why I’m able to beat Julius everytime I randomize FE4.

Probably because he ate too much mutton

The only randomizer run I’ve ever actually done was FE4, but it was hilarious. Starring units such as:

  • Quan, the real protagonist all along -Baldur major Knight Lord with pursuit? Hm…
  • Even more broken Sigurd - Rogue with WRATH AND VANTAGE
  • Arden, a spy of the Loptyr Cult. He had no skills and terrible growths, but his bases were crazy.
  • Emperor Dew
  • The true villain was Sigurd’s dad, Emperor Byron (His terrible MOV led to Sigurd’s… Mystletain…? Becoming unobtainable)
  • Wyvern Beowulf with Astra, Luna AND Sol
  • Sage Shannan Von Friege
  • Claude casually wielding the BOOK OF FREAKING NAGA
  • So many child units with renewal they looked like the X-Men
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Kyle and Forde became Joshua and Natasha, yes it was as cursed as it sounds. Also Eirika lord Duessel with literally 0 in every stat, taking Eirika’s place

Only good experiences, mostly from FE8SR (shoutouts to circles!)

Me and my friends used to do little races on who can clear it the fastests, where we randomized the seeds each player had to use and made some more rules etc. etc.

Of course it was done on 100% setting as well for the best, most authentic randomizer experience.

One of the runs gave birth to this (now epic) moment as well.


Fighting this guy near the beginning of Gen 2 was NOT fun. He had pursuit and anybody he didn’t ORKO was incapable of doing substantial damage to him.
Only way I could beat him was save state abusing a sleep edge I passed down to Dermott.

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