What is the Most time consuming asset to make?

As the title suggest’s, what is the Most time consuming asset to make?

Whether it be portrait’s, battle animation’s, map’s, CG’s etc, 'Cause, I want to make some of them listed before, and I was wondering how time consuming it is to make said, asset, (especially battle animation’s)

And for my own curiosity, 'cause stuff like portrait’s should be more quicker to make then, say, a tile set.

just wonder HOW much longer it take’s to make something more advance (like a tile set) if you will.

because all i know how to make is spliced portrait’s and i might dip my toes in to other thing’s.

Just gathering info on what’s hard and what’s not.

  • Portrait’s.
  • Weapon Icon’s.
  • Tile set’s.
  • Other. (Tell Me below!)
  • CG’s Battle screen’s Title screen.
  • Battle Animation’s.

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I would argue that animations are probably the hardest to make if you want to make them look well-done, simply because you need to factor in positioning relative to the screen (and its other elements (UI, enemy position, etc.), how each frame animates to the next one so that it isn’t choppy or having visible aberrations (plus making all of the individual frames to begin with), the timings of each frame (smooth/fast/slow) and factoring in weight, tension, etc. as well as the sound effects and, if you want to be “complete” about it, potentially creating both M/F versions of the animation, depending on what it is.


On a portrait?

Yes. Making proper eyes is hell.

Wow, did not expect that, hmm…

Tilesets or Tileset recolours, they are really hard to make or time consuming.

Retrogamer Oh yeah, I can speak from experience…

Not really an answer but I feel like a distinction between the “hardest” asset to make and what asset takes “longest” to make.

What do you mean Snakey1?

You mean i change the title to for example "What is the hardest/longest asset to make?)

Sorry if that came off as cunfusing! I just joined yesterday!

I’ll try to be more clear in the future.


Rereading my hastily made post, I realize it’s not even a reasonable sentence lmao.
What I’m trying to say is that an asset may be difficult to make by requiring a lot of skill but not a lot of time. An asset may be difficult to make also not necessarily because of skill required but just by how long it takes to complete.

So, what your saying is,
I should be more clear by what i mean as "hard/most time consuming?

Sorry if I sound REALLY stupid, i’ve never been a member on a forum site.

I think they’re trying to say that something that is “most time consuming” isn’t necessarily “the hardest” & vice versa. The updated title seems to imply the two are interchangeable.

Oh, ok, so I should only say one or the other?
Edit: so i changed the title to make it so that I’m asking is it a experience jump or a whole new world
to making tile set’s or battle animation’s versus’s something easier like a portrait or a weapon icon.

Oh and, can I make it so that I can say what is the hardest AND time consuming?

so somebody can say " i’d say battle animations it’s really time consuming and hard!"

while another guy can say. “tile set’s are not hard, but it IS time consuming!”

and vice versa.

Hope that answer’s your request.

I really hope i’m not confusing anyone…

Should I have done this with a pole or something? I don’t know…



Portrait’s got more votes then tile set’s!?

I know it’s early for the pole, but, wow! never thought in a million year’s!

What do you mean?

I may look pretty stupid for this…

On top of voting for Portraits I will say that transcripting the songs of other games.

You can made any song of any game with the FE Sound Native Instruments.
It is a time consuming too.

Finding the right tempo is a nightmare. Trust me, if you don’t use Sappy or VG Studio to mark the tempo, it is a nightmare.

How do you think we got most of SNES Music for the FE Hacks?

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Really? whoa!