What is bad about OAM overflow?

I’ve been wondering about this for a long time. What is the bad thing about having a so called “ASM data overflow” in the long run? Why did Xeld add the feature that prevents you from making a bigger animation?

From what I know, animations that have it don’t seem to cause any glitches. Even some vanilla animations when dumped with the animation overhaul Feditor Adv will show “OAM data Overflow” when re-processed with their vanilla scripts.

The creators were better at slicing up images for animations than FEditor is.
As for the problem with OAM overflow, it means that there’s more image data than FEditor can slice to fit on 4(?) images for the animation. If it doesn’t fit there, the game can’t load the whole animation into vram, and thus it’ll error out badly when you try to actually play the animation.
At least that’s my educated guess.

My FE7 Manakete was ramming the OAM cap, after cutting down it ended up with 13 sheets. So the limit is probably 16 images.

The way the animation system works, only one sheet IIRC is in VRAM at a time, and there theoretically shouldn’t be a limit to how many sheets you can use - but as a “just to be safe” kind of thing it was limited to the max number of sheets used by the existing (optimized, probably involving doing some of the slicing by hand and using some kind of custom editor to lay out sprites and transform them*) animations. Something like that, anyway.

But for the same reason, you’ll also get errors if the sprites it slices up for a given frame can’t all be fit onto the same sheet. And it does try to put the data for multiple frames on one sheet if there’s room, and I can’t guarantee there aren’t any bugs or, well, stupidities in that algorithm.

* Making something like this is still on my super long term to-do list, btw.

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Oh, I see… Thanks for the helpful insight you guys.

Does anyone know a way I can bypass OAM Overflow without reducing frames or the general quality so much? Can someone maybe see the animation I’m making and help me optimise it where possible?

Or would someone happen to have the old Feditor Adv?

Here are two older versions of FEditor:

I’m also interested on the OAM Overflow bypass, but I think we have to wait for the release of the new version of FEditor.

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Wow thanks man!

Also I didn’t know there is going to be another feditor. What is it going to be?

It’s not a FEditor per sé, it’s a multi-purpose editor:

FE Editor Suite is actually completely unrelated to the original FEditor project and only carries the name because someone wanted to poke fun at the original for being shit. There isn’t a set release date, largely because all of us have a slightly different vision of what the damn thing is meant to be and development has been halted because we’re all busy anyway.

The “new FEditor” that you may or may not hear me (and only me) keep talking about is actually a fork of the original FEditor project that’s meant to help with all of the unrecognized free space/metadata (etc) issues. The secondary purpose of this rehaul will be to help port hacks to be future-compatible with Suite (the metadata format will be the same). This project is also on hold, because I’m extremely busy.

No, I don’t know how to fix the OAM overflow problem.

Thanks for the clarity.

True, the original is pretty shit. I try to load a script from it and it just… sleeps. It’s not doing anything.