What? I'm sure I've seen you before

I never really introduced myself so why not now?
Hey! I’m Erick, but my friends call me Rick. I actually gave myself that nickname lol.

So I first heard of Fire Emblem sometime between 2014 and 2016, when I was obsessed with the Advance Wars series and saw people comparing the two. Then in 2016 I decided to try FE7 since I was really into GBA games and wanted something new, yet similar to AW.
I remember playing kinda like an Ironman run. I lost characters early because of dumb mistakes and for some stupid reason I didn’t use Eliwood at all in my first playthrough because I wanted to just keep him protected at all costs to prevent game overs. He force-promoted at a extremely low level lol.
I played FE8 and actually finished it before clearing the final chapter of FE7. It really made me understand better how everything works. I struggled a lot to beat FE6. And that’s how my passion/obsession for GBAFE began. My favorite is FE8 for sure.

Aside from the GBA games, I really like the Archanea games in general (except FE1 because you can’t even see enemy range), despite never having finished any of them (played like 10 chapters of FE11 and half of FE3 Book 1).

I lurk around FEU since 2019/2020 then finally decided to make an account in 2021. You’ve probably seen me on threads about reskins, rebalances, minor mods and such. I’m kinda obsessed with them.

I have no ability with hacking or anything and although I don’t have Discord, you can dm me if you need a playtester I guess. Not a experienced player by any means, but I can help with things like reporting bugs.

Thank you for reading and I hope this text isn’t a pain to read lol.


hey man thanks for being one of my first playtester for monster mash man, you gave my imperfect buggy mess of a hack a shot


No pain whatsoever after reading I guarantee :slight_smile: Nice to have you onboard!

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Gotta try the new version with the new class!

Gonnaa put the bael rider and ballista bael class in the hack in a bit, should be fun heh

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