What if Roy was in FE8? (1st UPDATE!)

Inspired by Mekkah’s Lyn in FE6 Let’s Play, I bring you a similar concept. But also… quite the opposite.
Instead of the unit from the good growths game in the bad growths game, this is the other way around.

Presenting: Roy in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones!

Roy joins in the prologue, and he comes with another Rapier, and a Vulnerary.
He has his exact same bases and growths from FE6, which aren’t that much different from Eirika’s.

Roy Auto-promotes at the end of Chapter 16, just like the Twins. But now he can also decline his promotion like them, and he’ll get a Heaven Seal that he can use to promote later. He’ll also get the Binding Blade, which also has the exact same stats from FE6.

Roy should be fully functional as a unit. He he’s a game-over condition, but he is never force-deployed once you get the preparations screen, he has a final chapter quote, a character ending, and even supports!
(He can activate supports, but they don’t have actual conversations yet)
Eirika’s support with L’Arachel and Ephraim’s support with Dussel were replaced with supports with Roy. He can also support with Seth, Neimi, Amelia, and Ewan.

Will the worst lord be able to prevail in the easiest game?
Will the Tower of Valni be able to mold him into a decent unit?
It’s up to YOU to find out!

Download the patch HERE

  • 01/06/2024: The Binding Blade can now be used to heal 30 HP. Only works on Roy

Credits to @BorsDeep for the Roy portrait.
And Tristan Hollow for the FE6 Attack! and Join Us! remixes.
Also. Shout-out to @Jotari for inspiring Mekkah for his Let’s Play.








I feel like he’ll be pretty comparable to Eirika for the first part of the game, but for the end few chapters she’s proably going to be a better pick. She gets a horse on promotion while Roy is stuck on foot, and, as great as the Binding Blade is, it’s actually probably going to be worse than Sieglinde in this context as Sieglinde’s effective damage is going to make it a much more reliable kill option than the Binding Blade which should only be effective on draco zombies.

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Disappointing. He should only be able to promote in like chapter 19 or something in order to stay true to FE6.


Yes. But consider: 1-2 range physical sword.

Also, I’m willing to make some small changes in the future if enough people want them. Like, right now the Binding Blade is just 20 uses. But I could make it 30 if there is enough demand

Good in theory, great in theory, I love the Binding Blade, but in practice, I think most monsters are locked to 1 range. It’s only a few bows on Tarvos’s by end game that deviate.

I think you’re forgetting about Mogals and Gorgons

Roy promotes automatically at the end of ch 21, so it should be the same in fe8. The “final chapter” of 20 is two chapters, so as soon as you slay the demon king seems fair and balanced to me.


Hey, thanks for using that Roy!

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Now the Binding Blade can be used to heal 30 HP like in the original game. Only works on Roy.

Later, we will have custom supports


Love the healing on the Binding Blade. Fun little hack, always love to see crossovers :slight_smile:

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