What Fire Emblem game could have ended without conflict?

What are Fire Emblem Games that could have ended happily ever after.

If Zephiel Father never tried to kill Zephiel then Binding Blade wouldn’t have happen and Hector would still be alive.

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What about you? it could be in any Fire Emblem game.

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If Lyon didn’t break the stone none of FE8 would’ve happened

… I don’t get this thread most FE games plots could’ve easily been avoided


FE7. Eliwwod could just not leave.


The evil people could just have been not evil

I think we should’ve just let

this guy:


die in

this chapter:

battle before dawn

in fe7


If Lyon went to therapy, instead of using dark magic and become a vessel of the Demon King to revive his dead father, there would have been less problems in Magvel


If we never saved Zephiel back in chapter 26, then the queen wouldn’t have give eliwood the Fire Emblem I think

just start a war with Bern to steal the fire emblem, then

o wait


Hahahaha! You see! tricky isn’t it? Find a way to get the FIre Emblem without any war

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i mean, ultimately fire emblem games need wars, as otherwise there would be no game. often the justification for the war occurring isn’t the most sound one, or amounts to “i am evil bad guy, raaargh, i will war you now”

Or even if they were just more sensible many things would’ve played out differently.

In a very literal sense, there wouldn’t have been conflict at the end of FE10 if everyone accepted Ashera’s judgment.


This is some How It Should Have Ended stuff right here.

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If the Scouring didn’t happen, Idunn, Jahn, Nils, Ninian, Nergal and Aenir would be living happily.

If Nergal didn’t lost himself to the darkness, Nils and Ninian would never leave Elibe (but that could result in Ninian not meeting Elwood and Roy not existing in the future)

If the earth dragons just followed Naga’s advice, FE1/11, 3/12, 4 and 5 wouldn’t happen.

If Formeus didn’t make experiments, the risen and Grima wouldn’t exist.


All true, all true!

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Kostas kills Edelgard
No more Flame Emperor

Kostas kills Dimitri. Claude can’t hold Leceister on his own without the Kingdom to tie half the Empire down, meaning he’d just bail to Almyra and Fodlan would be unified much faster.
If Kostas kills Claude, then it would be CF except Byleth doesn’t need to join Edelgard, due to the lack of an Alliance making the Kingdom-Empire battle very one-sided and swift.

Kaga is never born.

And thus the entire franchise of Fire Emblem is ended with no conflict.


Very clever! XD


FE9/FE10: The previous King of Daein refuses to sign the blood pact, and/or orders the Four Great Riders to kill Ashnard to death before he can hatch any further plots.

Granted, Daein might still go to war with Crimea because of general political tension and the two countries never really being on the best of terms, but it would probably be an isolated incident where Begnion just says “lol no” and pushes them back into their own borders before slapping the king with a rolled-up newspaper rather than it exploding into World War II 2: Electric Boogaloo.

if king assmond wouldnt be a complete shit to his son there would be no fe6 also i feel like his really lazy “im an unrealistically asshole villain/ im greater i hate you so die” writing made so many conflicts in elibe. gaah(anger) i hate that guuy my most hated character of fire emblem period one because hes writing is shit, two hes incredibly and overly annoying whatever he says something i will rip off his mouth and 3 he’s an animal abuser.