What Fire Emblem Chapter was a Massacre for your units?

It could be In any Fire Emblem.

For me, It was none other then Fire Emblem Blazing Blade Chapter 15 on my first ever Fire Emblem game/Run.

Oswin, Matthew, Canas and Heath. Sad day for me back then…

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Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War - Chapter 5

Biggest Massarce ever.


When I was a kid, chapter 15 of Sacred Stone (Eirika Path) was a slaughter on my first try of the game ! I had a hard time handling the gargoyle and they killed a lot of my frail units, I remember notably Natasha got killed here

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Ah Sacred Stones, My favourite Fire Emblem game… I understand how you feel, Mostly the Gargoyle…

FE8 boat map. Every time.
I hate it with a buring passion.

Not a main game but ch19 from dark lord and the maiden of light.
I can’t get to the boss room without the rng screwing me over in 1000 different ways in a single turn I am currently at attempt 20 to 30. The worst part of this is that everything goes perfectly fine until I need it to go well. Every time I get close and out of nowhere all the ennemies 30% start to hit and crit and I miss all my 70 to 99 %

Shadow Dragon chapter 13, The Wooden Cavalry

Midia, Jake, Jagen, Merric, and the worst offense of all
a crit on Gordin, after he just got Parthia access…
poor boy.

moral of the story? A map made almost entirely of Ballistae isn’t fun.

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A Ballistae map is very bombastic to slow down your units, but a General!Sedgar would be the best solution to tank those Ballista shots.


I’m one of those Hero!Wolf users, and I just can’t stand generals… in general (I hate myself too)
The only armor knights I’ve actually ever used was some project ember armors and Effie, who I made a great knight.

(write that down, write that down…) :smiling_imp:


For real though, Shadow Dragon ch9, aka The Pyrathi Dragon, aka Pirate Hell.

Do you like the idea of 30-something Hard-5 pirates coming at you all at once? I didn’t.
I can’t remember who died because it’s easier to remember who didn’t die there.
Hardin, Merric, Caeda, Julian, Athena, uhh… they might have been the only ones left.

Needless to say, this was the point where I first got generic units.

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Me trying to get all the chests and droppable items


Ooohh I remember that level! Thanks to Beck, He Killed all and I mean ALL the Ballistae units! He gotten so strong because of chapter 13 that he one shots enemy! But if it wasn’t for Beck… I would have lost more units in Fire Emblem History! at least in my view. XD

Fe8 Scorching sands. Need i say more?

Conquest Finale in a no reset run, iirc.

fe 6 hm chapter 7 and hard 5 shadow dragon or every hard mode difficulty with generic enemy units deal half of your hp

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I forgot about Shadow Dragon and how easily the enemy’s can Massacre your units!

FE6 ch7, in my first try to iron man, only Dieck,Marcus,Shanna and Saul survived (I had lost Rutger in ch 5 to a nomad so he wasn’t there to save the day)

Well, I guess someone beat me to the FE4 chapter 5 joke

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Endgame of Echoes, I lost soooo many units and it took me forever