What era of fire emblem do you want another 'FEbuilder' for?

So febuilder has made a huuuuge impact on gba hacking so, hypothetically if there would be another febuilder for another era which era would you want it to be for?

  • NES
  • SNES
  • Gamecube
  • Wii
  • NDS
  • 3DS
  • Switch (HA)

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3DS as Fates is easily the game with the most tools and the most hacker friendly.
Snes would be a close second followed by DS FE.

DSFE, easy. Followed maybe behind Thracia. Fates hacking has progressed very far.


DSFE is an obvious pick for me.

SNESFE is the only other era of FE I can reliably run on my laptop so I’m voting for that.


All of them would be tempting to vote for. I chose SNESFE, but I’d like to see DS and Tellius games be moddable at some point.


The SNES has the concept of segments, so I don’t think the FEBuilderGBA method of rewriting things little by little is suitable.
It would probably work better to rewrite it all at once, like BuildFile.

As for the 3DS, I think a method like FEBuilderGBA is also effective.
According to the data, the 3DS can use up to 8GB of ROM, so I think it can do a lot more than the GBA, which can only use 32MB.
However, I have never analyzed it, so I don’t know the details.
The screen resolutions are relatively similar, so it may be possible to share data.
but, I think that creating a 3D model is more difficult than 2D.


If only we could import GBA battle sprites to the NDS or 3DS fire emblem games, then we would truly have the best of both worlds…


NES for epic FE1 hackroms


advance wars is for ds and have a nice 2d pixel art, gba Fe style in Ds could be that hard?
I guess it would, cause we should need to programme everything first i assume.

I would love to have new Fire Emblem stories to experience with the Tellius format. That sweet,broken bonus experience mechanic, guys…

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3DS for sure.
(so that I can fix Fates’ story once and for all :wink: )


We already have this, mostly. It’s called Paragon. There are no in-depth tutorials for it, though.
There also already exists a hack that’s trying to do that. Think it’s called a “retranslation” or something like that.

GBA but reengineered for way better modern 2d graphics :+1: for me GBA is the ideal aesthetic never to be fully captured again by fire emblem, but its old n limited obviously

gamecube would be so cool but making & manipulating the 3d animations etc. probably really hard, keep it 2d?

I see a lot of 2d pixel games on steam these days and think “wow if only that was a filter I could put on GBA fire emblem”

Ye olde move to 3d really did a number on my favorite game series…its a shame because 2d has gotten so much better since it became largely unacceptable in like 2003 :sweat_smile:

Love the games and would like another take on them so long as avatars are present.

SNES, followed closely by DS. Honestly, the assets found in FE4 (fantastic skill system, character-based promotions, road tiles, beautiful palettes, great animations…) and the mechanics from FE5 (the stat line, capture, FCM…) would make me extremely happy

Imagine the possibilities with a SNES FEBuilder. It’d be huge and would give to really unique FE4 experiences as the game works in a pretty specific way.