What do you listen to when hacking?


Do you have music playing in the background when hacking?
Or do you prefer silence?

inb4 “Clubbed to Death” meme posts.


Twitch VODs


I prefer soundtracks of movies/video games (generally of the sci-fi/fantasy genre, but some other selections as well). Helps me immerse myself in creating something new


Sometimes I listen to the ost of the hacks or leave twitch on in the bg


Rush and Pink Floyd albums. Occasionally I’ll play wavs of custom music I’ve recorded from in-game.

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Whatever calm minecraft stream happens to be live on twitch at the time


Depends on what part of hacking. When I’m writing, I prefer something instrumental. So lately that’s been lofi, but sometimes it’ll be jazz or classical.

If I’m doing something more tedious or mechanical, I may put on an LP of another game to passively get inspiration or insight into what the LPer is saying about the game (is this map good? is this unit broken? etc). Or music with lyrics or a more ‘distracting’ melody.


I listen to Twitch, LPs, and BrawlBRSTMs Extended Music usually


Bold of you to assume that I hack and am productive


I myself just have a huge playlist of all the music i’ve ever downloaded, and i listen to it on shuffle while I hack. Almost all of it is videogame OST, and the mood of the song will subtly affect what i currently want to accomplish with the hack at that moment.


I have a playlist of random songs I like on youtube, (some 300+ songs) I’ll also use Youtube’s “My Mix” function to discover new music in the genres I like.

Either that or I’ll listen to Hillsong United.


Generally music without lyrics or lyrics in a language I don’t understand so I’m not distracted by listening to it.

So mostly tracks from games and the occasional anime op.


I’m usually hacking outside house, so it’s depend on Starbucks’s staff favorite kind of music :slight_smile:

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I need absolute silence to fully dive in the world I want to create.


I’m not really hacking right now. I have no preference and I’ll listen whatever depending on the occasion. And currently, I am listening, back and forth, Kitchen Nightmares US & Rob Zombie. lol


i like Anime op music and some older early 2000s music like Britney spears

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I put on The Beatles with the White Album as my go too.


This playlist on shuffle


Mostly Digimon, Undertale, and Deltarune music

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I usually have YT videos going on one monitor and hackin’ stuff on the other unless I’m doing music stuff.