What do y'all think of the Crusaders from FE4?


Just Wondering


Never heard of it.

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I always found it interesting that Dain and Noba were identical to Dean and whatshername


They were pretty aite.

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I’d love some spinoff material based on them.

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noba is hot


The only interesting thing for me is that Ced is a mirror image of Lewyn. Still, a cool detail.

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I like them, the idea of ancient heroes whose shadow you need to step out of is a really fun trope. They have that special Dragon Quest feeling.

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A man of culture!

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I like to think of them as ordinary soldiers who were entrusted with a lot of power. This leads them to become like gods to everyone else, and they just weren’t ready for it. Which leads to stuff like Nova and Dain’s tradegy, Agustria’s eventual civil war, and the eventual corruption of the Nier, Fala, and Tordo bloodlines