What are your weirdest ships

Real ship posting hours.


Not really weird, but definitely controversial, is Seth and Eirika. People bang on about her and Innes/Ephraim, but I really enjoy the simplicity of their supports. It doesn’t try to make it outlandish, or funny, or complicated. It’s just a love that never would have happened under normal circumstances - but two people pushed to their breaking point together will undeniably form a hard-to-match bond. Seth’s speech to her in their A support just got to me - it was so clear to me that he didn’t mean it, and was fighting against every fiber of his body to reciprocate her feelings.

I’m well aware it’s a popular pairing, but, so many people have raged against me for suggesting it’s a great pairing (they also bang on about Seth and Natasha but as a Joshua stan that’s just heresy) that I figured it fit.

A more odd pairing for me is Mia and Gatrie from the Tellius series. To this day I am absolutely panned of the miniscule interaction those two have, their personalities could have bounced off each other so damn hilariously. Oh well.

Probably this one, big fan of just the sheer amount of stuff going on with all the bosses and enemy variety. Not to mention, the cartographic marvel that is the sideways boat


isn’t that from a hack? I think it’s Elibian nights? Also as a side note the fact that old Eliwood is used and a young Ninian makes Eliwood look disgusting

it’s cute that Roy name his son after Hector

Nah it’s just me having fun. Both the older Roy and Sue are in the repo.

I left the characters at how they looked at their death and Ninian died a couple years after marrying Eliwood and he is still alive even after the events of FE6, so…


Can’t go wrong with this classic. It’s really fun to see newcomers react to Cantors for the first time.
Dat Boat


As a wise man once said, “Just play Gaiden, bro”.


I haven’t really made a ship myself sadly. But If it were to be the weirdest ship I’ve seen.
It would have to be this boat from chapter 9 of The Grand Uprising
Look at it. it’s so smol.

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For a serious answer, I don’t really interact with FE shipping discourse or community stuff hardly at all so my perspective on what does and does not count as “weird” (in terms of how commonly it’s shipped) is… limited, but Chrom/Sully is probably tied with Chrom/Robin as the pairing I can most “get behind” for him based on the two’s dynamic. I’m just a sucker for childhood friends to lovers romances, honestly. At least most of the time.

Don’t think Maelica really counts as “weird” since a lot of people do ship that, but it is very cute.

I’ve also recently come to appreciate Eliwood’s other two canonically-romantic paired endings besides with Ninian more than I originally did. EliNini gets the most attention since it’s the “suggested” pairing for him, but I do think the other options are good, as well.

I dunno, I’m not really that big into “shipping” in general, at least as a lot of people tend to engage with it. It can be a fun side thing for me, but getting really big into things like ship wars and arguing for your ship being or becoming “canon” just seems like a needlessly-confrontational waste of energy to me.

I love how half of these replies are just about boats


I suppose it’s just smoother waters to talk about that than the boatload of embarrassment you’d have if you have a pairing you like that would make others turn starboard.


Dorothea and Ferdinand is my favorite pairing from 3H. They are super cute together and their supports are one of the best in the game.

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Definitely a good end to a tragic beginning.

Trec and Miledy
they’re definitely a odd couple but I love the supports they have

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After months of lurking, is this really going to be my first post? I guess so. I love shipping. But this topic is about weird ships, so I will try to limit myself.

Hanneman and Byleth - Byleth’s interactions with his/her fellow teachers are a lot of fun. It’s up to the player to decide how Byleth reacts to other characters, and I found the crest system very interesting, and thus found Hanneman’s enthusiasm for crest research to be relatable. Also, for those of you who were disappointed at how few same-sex options there were for male Byleth, I am pleased to report than Hanneman and male Byleth’s A support is surprisingly romantic.

Shura and Corrin - As you can see, I have a fondness for older characters. I played Conquest first, and I found Shura’s chapter and backstory very interesting. Then the next chapter is the ninja cave, where Shura immediately proves his worth. It was a perfect example of gameplay and story working together. Corrin decides to take a chance by sparing Shura’s life, and it works out. Corrin can often be far too optimistic, but choosing to believe in Shura ends up being the right decision. And in their support conversations (especially the ones with male Corrin) it turns out that Shura can be something of a dreamer himself. Also, like Corrin, Shura has connections to both Hoshido and Nohr.

Azura and Arthur - The two met briefly in childhood, and Azura cherished that memory for years until they were reunited by chance as adults. It’s very sweet. There’s nothing weird about this ship, but I list it here anyway because most people never get their support conversations. As a result, this relationship is something of a hidden gem.


Arthur? As in, medieval Captain America?

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Yup. That Arthur.

I see. The amount of fame the AzuRin ship gets is overwhelming, I forget there’s other possibilities.

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Eirika and Seth
Lilina and Gonzalez
Lyn and Kent
Louise and Sain
Erk and Nino
Duessel and Amelia

Narcian x Narcian because he, Narcian, has a weakness. If he passes a mirror in battle, he will be so smitten with his prowess that he ceases battling.