What are your thoughts about FE 3 Houses


As you can see in these 2 pictures I own all physical FE games (plus FE 4 & 5 as roms)

Well… Almost all…I don’t have FE 3 Houses yet because I don’t own a Nintendo Switch. Once I’m back in Florida (cuz I’m stuck in Ukraine) I’ll definitely buy one.

But what are your opinions about FE 3 Houses? Did it met your expectations? Was the hype well deserved?

I’ve seen a couple of YouTube videos on the game but I’d like to know what y’all think about the game.


Story was pretty good even if it has some issues. I expected the old-man-bad-guy to actually be a good guy but the game just made him into a generic zombie baddie which was p boring. So it met my expectations in that regard.

Gameplay my hopes for the game kind of dropped once I heard Stride gave +5 mov in pre-release info. Turns out my expectations were rightly dropped because there’s a lot of broken stuff in this game that sucks the Strategy out of SRPG. I enjoyed my first playthrough which was up until AM20 until my save data got corrupted.

I’ll be honest most of my enjoyment out of the game was derived from the story and cast. Sometimes the music too. Otherwise the graphics and gameplay are pretty ass and uninteresting. Having to redo part 1 if you want to see the other routes also sort of kills the replay value.

I really enjoyed Three Houses, especially on my first playthrough (Azure Moon). I find it’s cast to be one of the strongest in the series, and it’s story, while having some glaring problems (like everything involving TWSITD), I found to be pretty enjoyable. It also helps that my expectations for the story after Fates was bottom of the barrel low, so I was pretty content with what we got.

The gameplay is iffy. While on one hand I really liked the class system, and Battalions and Gambits I think are a great addition that I hope stays throughout the franchise, the maps are pretty lackluster apart from a few exceptions, and their reuse throughout all the routes can get very irksome on repeat playthroughs.

I also didn’t mind the monastery and instruction stuff that much, until near the end of the game, where it just gets pointless since most of your units are capped out in their weapon ranks and so forth.

Overall though, I quite enjoyed Three Houses. It’s not the best game, and it’s certainly not the best Fire Emblem game, but I still feel it deserves much of the good recognition it’s gotten.
(Also, Blue Lions best house.)

Three Houses is a fun first playthrough. Gameplay is incredibly unbalanced and, thus, incredibly easy to cheese on Normal/Hard (and basically requires that cheese on Maddening from my understanding)

The replay value is… eh. Not as good as the game advertises it to be. Three of the four routes are almost exactly the same and you have to replay Part 1 every. Single. Playthrough.

In general, it definitely caters to the casual FE fan (which I don’t think is a bad thing) and I’ve had a good experience with it (again, particularly the first and even second playthrough). A lot of people definitely say the gameplay is terrible for catering to the casual players since it’s kinda mind-numbingly easy, especially depending on the map.

All in all, a fun time, though unless you have other Switch games you want I don’t know I’d say it’s worth picking up the console (though that’s what I did and I sunk probably close to 70 hours in my first two weeks)