What are the most gimmicky unit you have either design or encountered in a hack?

The title says it all people!, whether in the hack you yourself are developing or one you’ve encountered what are some of the most gimmicky and Niche units you have ever encountered?

Don’t matter where you come from
Don’t even matter what you are
2 HP miracle bishops?, high Tanky druids?, Quick Armor knight?, Dancers that can’t dance?, 8-9 range bow prefers? lay em all in here
~ Mama odie, Fire Emblem princess and the frog

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Code of the Burger King: Ricardo
Ricardo Ricardo.

hikari from storge

Luigi from J&P.

Powerstaff and absurd magic for god-tier staffbotting, absolutely nonexistent stats in every other area.

mind sharing why?, haven’t played that one

I haven’t played it, I saw an lp
But it was so ridiculous
Ricardo alone beat half of the mid to late maps