[WE'RE BARACK] [FE8] Fire Emblem: The Brigading Memes 1 REMIX [WIP]

Heyo, It’s The7thFehtoon. And for the last 2 years, I’ve spent a good chunk of my free time creating this series of ROM hacks (None are public) known as “The Brigading Memes”, and all that work has lead to this, the series’ first public project:

DISCLAIMER: While the title may be misleading, this is not a meme hack. It’s just a light-hearted one.


Welcome to the Continent of Smasvia, a land ruled by four nations, the peaceful nation of Ligma, the dreary nation of Twitter, the isolated nation of Darude, and the studious nation of the Carey Tundra. For years the land lived in solitude, until one day an unknown species of humans appeared onto the continent, these “humans” were known as Melvin’s, Humans and Melvin’s eventually clashed and a war unseen to the lands before it had begun. The four nations fought together to defeat this new foe, and eventually succeed. This war was later named the War of Melvin’s. After the war, Smasvia returned to it’s peaceful self, but something was amiss…

You play as the current Prince of Ligma, Faukyu, as he sets out on a mission to scout out a mysterious disturbance within the nation. Little does he know what journey lies ahead of him…


The Title Screen:
Fire Emblem - The Brigading Memes 1 REMIX.emulator-9

Fire Emblem - The Brigading Memes 1 REMIX.emulator-7

Fire Emblem - The Brigading Memes 1 REMIX.emulator-10

Fire Emblem - The Brigading Memes 1 REMIX.emulator-11

Fire Emblem - The Brigading Memes 1 REMIX.emulator-12

Unit Data:

  • 10 Chapters long (+2 Mini Chapters)
  • 13 Playable Characters (+1 Extra)
  • Class/Personal hybrid Skill System
  • Customizable New Game+
  • Post Game Content
  • Balanced for both Normal and Hard Difficulty
  • Features Casual Mode

Recent Patch (Prologue - Chapter 7):
Download Here



Portraits: The Blind Archer

Battle/Map Animations: Klokinator & All those who’ve submitted assets in the Repository


The Brigading Memes Main Theme (Wii Fit Orchestral) - Ristar (FEU)
Wii Fit Menu Theme (Wii Fit) - Ristar (FEU)
2AM (AC:NH) - babydragon118 (Musescore)
“Open for Business!” (FE:A) - //Unknown// (bitmidi)
Gonna Fly Now (Rocky) - //Unknown// (markheadrick)
Chorus of the Fire Emblem (FE Main Theme) - IamDaYotam (Musescore)
His World (Sonic '06) - Surfing Kyogre (FEU)
Halland/Dalarna (SSBU) - Cheesebait (Musescore)
M.T.C. (Different Heaven Remix) - Fustin Jields (Musescore)
Don’t Ever Forget… (PMD:EoT/D) - Flufflemonster (vgmusic)
Another’s Requiem (M&L:PIT) - Norikins (FEU)
Pucci’s Theme (JJBA:SO) - FAA Music (Musescore)
Broken Bonds (FE:E) - Mintoez (Youtube)
Nezuko’s Theme (KnY/DS) - Takagi-sanLover (Musescore)
Kamado Nezuko no Uta/Hantengu Fight Theme (KnY/DS) - J_dxn_M (Musescore)
The Grand Finale (M&L:BIS) - Norikins (FEU)
The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny (Lemon Demon) - chickentranqu (Musescore)
Feel Good Inc. (Gorillaz) - Mark_ (Musescore)
Legacy (DMC5) - Alex Gasulla (Youtube)
Sentimental Crisis (Episode 11 ver.) (KS:LiW) - The_Lemon_27 (Musescore)
The Apex of the World (FE:3H) - MrGreen3339 (FEU)
Never Gonna Give You Up (Rick Astley) - RandomWizard (FEU)
Rubberband (Jackal Queenston) - Jacob Morgan and George Burdell (Online Sequencer)
“And what if I can’t?” (FE:A) - Torby Brand (Musescore)
Mask (Dream) - peterp04scl (Musescore)
Among Us Drip (YT) - Jessica Fasbinder (Musescore)


Prologue: Done.
Chapter 1: Done.
Chapter 2: Done
Chapter 3: Done
Chapter 3x: Done.
Chapter 4: Done.
Chapter 5: Done.
Chapter 6: Done.
Chapter 7: Done.
Penultimate (Chapter 8): Done.
Penultimate+ (Chapter 8x): Done.
Endgame: Done.

Base Camp: Done.

Postgame: Incomplete.


  • Distasteful jokes involving Pedophilia.
  • Includes jokes involving various content creators/public figures.
  • Minor swearing.
  • Awful humor that died in 2020.

Reads the disclaimer.
Sees the Among Us Battle Animation in the Screenshots.
Not an insult, just, interesting. I’m interested!


Reads the summary

(Who’s Ligma?)

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While the Amogus are here mainly for comedic purposes. They fill the role of an “unknown creature” in this setting thats not just some generic FE8 Monster.
Fire Emblem - The Brigading Memes 1 REMIX.emulator-13


I won’t make the joke.

“Ligma” or it’s full name: “The Ligma League”, is one of the four nations that unite The Continent of Smasvia.

The whole joke is that alot of the locations within Ligma, are just simliar jokes, examples: Town of Sawcon, Ida Village, Sugma Crossing, etc.


At last, the meme section of the repo sees use


UPDATE: I’ve added a short playable Demo of the Hack to showcase what it has to offer.

You can find it under the “Patch” tab.

EDIT: Had the wrong file on the download link, fixed now.


Found Issues:

  • Casual Mode is missing retreat quotes. (FIXED)
  • The location name for “Stollower’s Passage” is incorrectly labeled “Stan’s Passage”. (FIXED)
  • Bream’s mouth/eye frames are misaligned. (FIXED)
  • In the Ranged event in Chapter 1, a soldier incorrectly names Bream as “Dream”. (FIXED)
  • “Not L****” is missing a palette for their battle animation.
  • In the Ranged event in Chapter 2, Gwara incorrectly names Sentinels as “Moderators”. (FIXED)
  • In one of the Village events in Chapter 2, Wrys(?) incorrectly names Sentinels as “Moderators”. (FIXED)
  • In one of the Village events in Chapter 2 both Gwara and Noilessa incorrectly name Sentinels as “Moderators”. (FIXED)

A.K.A. I forgor a few name changes from the Meme version of the Hack.

(If you find any issues, reply to this list with your issue and I’ll look into it.)

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  • Added a content warning. (Mainly for Chapter 2)

  • Updated the Rom Hacks progress.


  • Fixed multiple problems on the demo. Including issues like Chapter 3 failing to complete after completing the mission objective.

  • Updated the portraits for Dermai, Bream, and Armored Noilessa.

  • Split the Demo into 2 versions, Standard and Traditional.

  • Updated the ROM Hacks progress.



- After being enlightened by several playtesters I’ve decided to remove the Demo until furthur notice.

When the playtest opens back up, I hope an actually sensible experience can be brought with it, so apologies for the terrible start!



After a rough start and heavy consideration I have decided to cancel the project and focus my efforts on a more narrative-driven sequel instead.

It was obvious from the start that Memes and a heavy plot don’t mix and it created a shaky narrative that often found me embarrassed to show people that I had made. Which resulted in a final product that I don’t feel comfortable sharing on FEU.

Taking in all the feedback, I hope the next entry can be twice the quality of its predecessor…



After a pre-mature cancellation, I’ve released a new Demo that goes to chapter 7. And the following changes have been made from the feedback:

  • Skills have been nerfed across the board.
    • Most stat granting skills have been halved.
    • Focus’ crit rate has been reduced.
    • The Hit/Avo from Breaker skills have been halved.
  • Fipynts personal skill has been changed from Loyalty to Breath of Life.
  • Chapter 2 enemies have been weakened on Hard.
  • The starting enemy placement for chapter 3 has been altered.
  • Unwashed weapons now inflict -4 Def/Res upon hit alongside poison. (Does not stack.)
  • Multiple units have had increases in their base stats and growth rates.
    • Aufehence
    • Gwara
  • Frost/Fire tomes now scale with tier.
    • Frost grants an additional +1 Def/Res each tier.
    • Fire grants an additional +1 Weapon EXP each tier.
  • Light/Dark tomes grant an additional +1 Weapon EXP per hit.
  • “Wrys?” had a line removed from his recruitment dialogue.
  • The chapter 3x boss has been replaced by a placeholder until the final asset is created.
  • The dialogue has been proof read multiple times so a majority of uncapitalized “i’s” have been changed.
  • A new battle quote has been added for Faukyu for chapter 1.
  • The music for chapters 1 and 2 have been replaced with generic FE8 map themes.
  • And more changes that I probably forgot.

So I downloaded this today, not expecting much because its a “meme” hack. Hot dang, that was some tight gameplay. I wish more hacks focused on a small cast of characters, especially when you added personality to each of them during the camp sections! The huge differences in units, from a Jagen with no speed to growth unit heaven this was great. The 2 HP lord was interesting to work around, but his speed making him not get doubled and miracle being guaranteed made it a fun challenge!
Some feedback: Maybe look into the add-on that gives free movement, or no turn end during the camp locations, like you can see in Hetja’s quest.
The chapter 7 2nd village implied to bring !NotAnna there after I visited with a different unit, but closed anyway. Is it possible to have it refuse to even give the 10k unless you bring her?
I love the lower power your units have, requiring multiple units to take down unpromoted like on chapter 5. The reinforcements spooked the heck out of me.
I did get force restarted on chapter 5 when the boss began to move with no prompting, that threw me off.

I am really looking forward to the full release of this one!


Im glad you enjoyed it!

About the feedback:

  • I’ll look into the no turn end for the Base Camp.

  • For chapter 7’s village having Dustee visit the village gives a bonus item alongside the 10K gold so ill probably add a little bit if dialogue that hints you to visit that village with Dustee if you have her deployed.

  • Chapter 5 does give a diclaimer noting what turn Odio will move, I may make his movement lower so that he’s not immediately in attacking range when you proc him to move early.

Re:Chapter 5, I think it was prior to turn 15, and because I got close to him that he began to move. The problem was that it was the final unit on my turn that moved in too close, triggering his dialogue at end of turn, rip.

Do you have an estimate of when the release is? I am very excited to play it when it comes out.


I’ll see if I can add a disclaimer that shows exactly where the ranged event that makes him move starts, I tried giving him a turn delay before he moves but it failed to function.

Currently chapter 7’s end event is still in the works and after that only remains 2 chapters before the first act of the story concludes. I’d say around mid to late January at earliest.

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