Well, Howdy Hi!

Hello, I’m GeneralGrey! I got into Fire Emblem when I was in my teens, and ever since, have had a real fondness for the games. In spite of that, I never looked much into the romhacking community until just a couple months ago when I stumbled across Fire Emblem Eckesachs and found myself having a pretty good time with it. Since then, I’ve been interested in looking around and seeing what else this community has to offer.

I’m generally a rather quiet person, so I tend to lurk rather than post. Still, it’s really nice to meet you all!


Welcome to the community!

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Welcome @GeneralGrey hope you enjoy your time here

Welcome lad! Hope you enjoy what everyone has to offer here!

Welcome! If you ever need help looking for resources, such as in-game assets or help with making your own hack, feel free to message me.

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