Welcome to the Library of Alexandria

…but for Fire Emblem ROM Hacking.

Because we need one?

In a nutshell, that’s what this forum aspires to be. A resource and a community for ROM Hackers and series fans to share and develop together. In a way, that’s the mission statement. I’ve heard from a lot of people over the years that wanted to get into the hobby, but organization-wise we’ve made it kind of a mess to wade through. The idea of a hacking wiki has come up, and that’s partially why I’ve chosen to go with this new forum software: Discourse. I feel that having a separate site dedicated to a focus on ROM Hacking offers a chance to create a place that’s friendly to newcomers, where veterans collaborate and share their knowledge and new faces learn and come to contribute in their own right. Ye olde FEU - that’s where the Event Assembler was first posted! And I’m hoping that we can build something like that again. Sure, it’s a bit of #BringinItBack nostalgia factor too. But I’ve got high hopes for this place, and I hope you’ll join in and make this library prosper.

This is FEU2, enjoy your stay!

Credits to my man, your moderator @Siuloir for the library analogy.


So glad this is finally happening, especially with the wiki-style pages. We are in desperate need of those. This forum software seems to be ideal for hacking, too–especially with the Categories. Question–are we able to control what comes up in suggested topics? That would be awesome, too. That way we can decide on pages that might be related or link pages that do similar things.

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I will most definitely look into some sort of optional manual suggested topics thing.

Anybody with any kind of software requests should make them known. This thing’s still in development and if anything I can bring up the idea to the creators directly via their forums, or look for plugins being developed.

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I’ll be interested in seeing how this forum evolves, I’ve never actually seen Discourse in action. The promise of Discourse is that it is less horrible than all the other forum softwares, we’ll see how this turns out.


Hey there! I just joined.
I have to say, great work so far!
This site is fantastic. The graphic interface is delightful, the resources are useful, and overall it seems a great place for both aspirant and veteran hackers. Bravi!
I’ll be lurking around for quite a while~

Here I am. Gonna have to mess with this for a while to get the hang of it but it seems like a cool idea.

I can bring over some of my battle frame stuff if you want (possibly redo it with less arbitrary swearing XD)

I’m doing some heavy graphics this summer too so I should have concrete notes (my ones from the DoF rework are pretty much the ravings of a lunatic, fairly undecipherable) on statsheets etc to post :smile:

Good to see a new forum for this specifically !


Fuck yeah Jubs in the house! Happy to have you, man!

And Nintenlord and Alfred. We’ve got a pretty good crowd shaping up.

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What happened to cafe? Yo. Cool to have the part of Serenes I actually pay attention to in one place. Liking ability and threaded comments are cool. Now I don’t have to consider following every one of Agro’s satirical posts with a post just saying “lol”. Generally looks better than Serenes good.

Interested, is much discussion of the writing of hacks and those yeti games forseen?

How intro is this topic?

Cafe was a total dud. So I figured I’d scrap it and start anew.

Discussion is whatever the community decides to discuss. I’d love to have topics about plot concepts and writing hacks. I went ahead and made a category for writing topics.

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The format of this place is definitely something to get used to.
And I need to actually put this in one of my tabs whenever I start Firefox.

…I can’t believe I became a member of the FE ROM hacking community way back when because of my stupid waifu BS. Well, I guess it had its uses.

Cheers to you all, comrades!
To the resurrection (hopefully) of our glorious days of old and to good times ahead!


Discourse is actually a pretty neat looking forum software, it definitely takes some getting use to though. It is good to see a place dedicated to the fan game development side of FE. =)

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To help facilitate organization, I make a motion that we create a mega-thread dedicated solely to indexing all the collective work we do. Maybe a section for documentation, a section for patches, a section for asm hacks… And perhaps try to group them logically as well, e.g., the asm hacks that stem from the information in a doc can go along with that.


This forum is like the ultimate fishing rod for hackers, and we’re catching some pretty big fish as of late.

…Just a lame way to say that thanks to this place, some talented people have appeared out of the blue. Thanks for creating this, Arch.

thank me, I’m the one who made the chat

Thanks Matto-sama— Wait, why the hell do you have a random glowing magical animu stick next to your name?

Wait… what?

Edit: oh that thing, I think it’s because I’m moderator or something.


I have to say that I’m glad to see a revival in the hacking community! There’s a ton of information here and it’s great to have it all in one dedicated place. I’m looking forward to seeing this place flourish with new ideas and projects!

Can I just say that I’m loving how this place is shaping up? Because I really couldn’t be happier with it. Thanks to all who’ve come and made this a great community! I’m excited for the advances we’re making as a group, and excited to see people coming together to make this a more enjoyable and exciting hobby with a lower barrier to entry. Can’t wait to see what the future brings!


I’m pretty sure we’ve made more advances in a month than SF has made in the last like… two years.


Seriously. It’s kinda amazing, and kinda depressing.