Weird Cutscene Problem

Me and a pal are hacking fire emblem 8. We haven’t done a lot, just added/edited some classes, but we’ve encountered a problem where Seth and Valter just refuses to fight eachother, softlocking the game. Can someone help? Skipping it won’t work, it just makes the screen go black. Deleting the battle event worked until you actually start playing where it freezes.

Well, what changes did you to their classes? Because that’s going to be the answer.
They are likely just missing animations for whatever weapon they are trying to fight with, yet trying to fight with animations on, or something like that.

Seth’s class was barely changed, just the name and map sprite, Valter’s class wasn’t changed at all. They all have the same weapon ranks.

Well, with the info you gave us all we can really do is throw guesses, you’ll have to be more specific with all the changes you have done, what tools you have used or provide a patch (or if you are using febuilder, a report).

Where do I report?

Either on febuilder_help on the discord server or just here really.
You can notify 7743 with the Invite option but I’m sure he’ll find this on his own anyway, he is very dedicated.