Weight counts from Str Patch?

Just wondering, because I’ve looked this up and haven’t found something for it, so I thought I’d ask officially. Is there a patch that changes the formula around and deducts a weapon’s weight instead of constitution? Because if so, I’m working on a Rom Hack and I feel like it would be a better use.
If not, don’t bother working on one for me alone because I’m not working on anything major

Nintenlord has had one for a long time. Check out this thread, and go to the patches section (I’d link to the FEU thread, but the links there are down).

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Thanks, I had the list of what the patches did but lost it, and for whatever reason neither here or SF found it when I searched for it. Probably lack of terms. Once again, apologies for wasting your time


Are you looking for this?

I found it after Prime’s link, but thank you for offering the patch. (I was looking for FE8 anyways, so I don’t think this would’ve been much use). Thank you for going out of your way though, once again