Weapons showing magic animation incorrectly

I’m using FEBuilder fyi. After changing one new weapon to have a magic animation, nearly every other weapon now displays a magic animation when I do not mean for that to happen (i.e. iron lances display a thunder animation, iron swords display a fimbulvetr animation). If anyone has a fix for this I would greatly appreciate it! Please ask me any questions you might need to know to help!

Maybe you repointed the animation table yourself, and now it’s reading some other data thinking that it’s animation, but usually this just causes the game to crash and is very obvious to notice in the animation editor. Maybe you have hybrid units but didn’t apply the melee magic fix, which makes the units use ranged animations. Without more information, these are the best guesses I can make.

If you want more help, you should send a report7z either in the FEBuilder thread in this forum or in the FEBuilder channel in the FEU Discord channel, so that we can look into it. Then also explain how exactly you changed that animation.

It was a simple fix. I checked in the “Use Magic Motion when physical attack hits” patch editor and there were weapons that I don’t remember putting there in the list. Thank you for the help still!