Weapon caracteristic

Hello everyone,

i just wanted to know if there is a possibility to create a weapon with the particularity to give an other weapon in inventory when it break. (for exemple if fire break it give in inventory an nosferatu) its for an FEGBA

Hey Masterain!

This is actually possible in FEBuilder, but it would require you to write an event that you would have to include in every single chapter. Plus, you can not own more than one version of the “Fire” in this scenario. There is a patch that checks the inventory and convoy of all of your characters and you could write an event that gives you the “nosferatu” when it does.

So it is possible, but quite a pain to implement. You will place yourself on a few restrictions as well.

Hope my description was clear enough!

so if i create an unique weapon with this consept it goes well and this event is only for chapter or it can go for all game (btw many thanks of your answer)

It’s for every chapter availiable that you have that weapon. So if you get it the beginning of the game you would have to set every chapter after to have that same event happen

okay i see well tanks for help ^^

and by curiousity for dragon backgrounf or others final bosses fire emblem its same idea i gess

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Pretty much yes