We’ve done it. Brigand Boss is in heroes

After years of trying to rally the fans to get him in, the voice is heard

Brigand Boss is in Feh. Should be considered a legendary moment for us all

He’s glorious. Minor boss supremacy reigns


also I post again after almost a month I think I know I’m inconsistent now but I got extremely depressed to the point I lacked the motivation to leave my own bed because I was literally that moody and my mom got covid so was fearing her safety and was fearing I would get it as well


so sorry to hear that man, and no probs with the upload or nothing, i don’t think the community really cares too much about that anyways, take your time ma dude

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He only had three lines of dialogue in the entire game yet he get in before Jedah you know the games main villain or the secondary villains like Nuibaba Slayde and Desaix and even other fire emblem villains who was yet made they way into heroes like Thales Hans Raydrik and freaking Validar. And i love it.

Memes are powerful sometimes.


Memes are truly the DNA of the soul

Reminds me of one of Dorcas’s voice lines referencing the fe commercial where he ate a poison mutton

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truly the darkest of times

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The greatest of times*

He got in before f***ing Nergal and Manfroy of all people. Wow