Warrior with spear or sword?

Could someone make a warrior with a spear or sword please? I feel like the warrior is lacking in love.
I feel like a warrior with other weapons would be awesome like a viking. Also here is an image of one
of the maps in the romhack I’m working on and would be using the spear and sword animations for.

Ch5 a survival chapter

Saul one of the characters

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What exactly is the correlation between the title and the two images

To show that I’m asking for something that will be used in a project, not just for the sake of it being a thing.

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Reskinning the warrior’s axe to a wide, heavy-bladed chopping sword shouldn’t be that hard. You can probably do it yourself with a bit of effort. It’s not a bad way to get started on animation work.

I was thinking I could probably do the sword like you said, but the spear is where I am unsure about any idea’s about that one while your at it.

I did basically what you said with the berserker though and that turned out pretty awesome.


Yeah, the spear will take more work. But start with the sword and you might feel a bit more confident after that.

Failing that, just hold off on that until the hack’s more complete. If it catches enough eyes, someone might think it looks worth the effort.

(You can of course always commission it if you want it right now.)

Yeah your right, I should just focus on making more progress on the base game and then work towards adding other stuff like that when I really want it. Thank you for your insight on this topic.


For Spears i think is not a bad idea using a lance with edge, like a halberd or an atgeir.

Good idea, I always though a Halberd was more of an axe than a spear, but I guess it is kind of a hybrid.
I’ve never heard of an atgeir before but now that I’ve searched it it does look like it would work.