Wanted: Your Romhack Characters Featured In OC Emblem!

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Aight, it’s no secret that I’m planning to remake my old hack OC Emblem, but this time with the benefits FE8’s engine offers. However, the plans for the old one were really really messy due to character creators kinda coming and going, and somewhat no quality control in submissions.

I intend to right the wrongs for this remake. To that end, I humbly request the following: Do any of you hack creators, project leads, and whatnot want your characters to be featured in OC Emblem Redux?

For the uninitiated, OC Emblem is an ambitious comedic crossover hack of hilarious proportions, planned to feature characters from across my friends and peers, with story cues and elements taken from pop culture. It could be called a meme hack or a parody hack, as parts of its appeal are the meta in-jokes and the crossover aspect of things and seeing your favorite things colliding.

If any of you want to contact me, feel free to do so at [Purple Mage#0816] on Discord, or join my server at [https://discord.gg/nBhd6BB]. Class options and preexisting characters can be found at this link: OC Emblem Redux Characters - Google Sheets

My net’s going out soon so I’ll probably get back to you by 6PM EST. Have a good one, folks.


Can I just post the portraits here with the relevant information?

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So do you just submit characters here? On your discord? Or elsewhere?

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