VP Arngrim The Mercenary

In the Valkyrie Profile franchise, Arngrim is the main mercenary that keeps reincarnating in the series. I was playing Valkyrie Profile Lenneth and he even admitted to it:

If Arngrim was in the Fire Emblem universe what would be his base stats, starting weapon rank, constitution, and growth rates?

For fun purposes comment on what you think his standing as a FE mercenary would be.

To start things off I’d say that his base stats would be the following (As a level 12 mercenary):
Strength: 12 Skill: 13 Speed: 16 Luck: 9 Defense: 13 Resistance: 7

Constitution: 12 Move: 5 Weapon Rank: B

Growth rates: Strength: 40% Skill: 35% Speed: 45% Luck: 15% Defense: 20% Resistance: 10%

Edit: I see that he is wearing a bit of armor so I gave him +2 Strength and +2 Defense

Perceval? We are talking about a level 12 mercenary here. Perceval is a Paladin.

I feel like Arngrim would have a C in Swords and have
these as his base stats (and growths):
HP : 23 (80%) Lck : 7 (55%)
Str : 10 (50%) Def : 7 (35%)
Skl : 10 (55%) Res : 5 (25%)
Spd : 13 (55%) Con : 9

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Nice! I like those stats… Which level though?

Arngrim portraits - mugs.

I think this portrait/mug could get used to make an FE portrait: Arngrim 2

And a Freya portrait/mug: Freya