Voice Acting Competition Round 3: ...The Crests

Hey folks, a little while ago we meme’d on TLP in FEU General and it got me thinkin’.

How about we start up a VA competition (for funzies).

General Rules:

Your submission must include:

  • at minimum, the line (if specific) set by the competition
  • Nobody’s voice but your own
  • You’re free to add any other sounds / effects
  • (Please note that rules are subject to change for any viable reason, please don’t be a rules lawyering asshole)

Voice Acting Competition #1:

“This Divine Lightning Shall Pierce The Skies!”

Ah-ha, yeah, we all get the meme. And it’s probably the best way to start off a competition like this. It’s all for fun after all.

I’mma throw my hat into the ring for fun, I’m not part of the competition, as I am the host. We’ll give it two weeks before the cut off? Also if anyone knows an easier way to share mp3s on FEU, lemme know.

Chair’s Divine Lightning!


Well no matter how I try uploading it, nothing seems to work. Oof.

We’re off to a great start here .

wait ‘til Arch hears of this and wrecks everyone with a stellar performance

Ah yes, we can’t forget the classics (even if we want to, unfortunately…)

Hey I liked that line, as meme’d as it was. The delivery was pretty good.

Say what you will about the memes with the line, but the delivery was on point. Unfortunately both my mic and voice are rubbish but I’m excited to see what other people will sound like!

also im totally not going to shamelessly shill my future project that will (hopefully) have voice acting. no sirree.

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I do agree that the delivery was on point, Arch nailed it.

Anywho, link’s been fixed for my not actually an entry.


I do agree that in a vacuum, the line itself was pretty solidly delivered, especially considering the limitations of the GBA. Competition sounds fun, I may give it a go

Sounds fun, might give it a go once i get some free time.

I guess I got nothing better to do with my life.

Here you go.



Didn’t have dropbox so hopefully google drive works
In it contains my submission and a blooper file containing multiple files of me saying the line, but with different voices…i guess


I already did, years ago!


Well I mean the super, super late encore performance.

I tried doing this for fun. I used to think I could be a voice actor, but now I just cringe when I hear my own voice, so… cringe with me.


Sorry I’m late, but here you go.

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B- I wasn’t going to but then I decided it could be fun


Sniff, I always knew you were the
illegitimate son of Arch.

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Three days left!


Bleg. I’ll do one, eventually.
Okay, Here we go.
Doing my best Camilla impression, apparently.


You killed it !!