VN style help room?

In my hack, whenever game over is triggered, I am looking to allow it so that there is option for a “help room” which reviews the cause of game over, as well as includes other dialogue. How can I integrate a feature like this?

probably easiest to just have another “Always Event” with trigger flag 0x65 that has dialogue and is above the standard “GameOverCall” one

Nevermind, this doesn’t work. There’s hard coding in the game procs to just cause the game over right away, I guess.

I’ve never edited game procs before, but I think theoretically you could repoint it and insert your own stuff to happen.

I don’t recommend this unless you know asm & buildfiles, sorry.

Thanks. However, for example, if Lord Death causes game over at flag 0x65, then could you theoretically set it so that death quote triggers a different flag? This would then lead to the pop up of a decision. If yes is selected, then the scene would play and then trigger 0x65 afterwards, whereas no would just trigger 0x65. Do you think this could work?

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That’s a good idea. Please try it and let me know. :slight_smile:

It worked!

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Great! Now just check that game overs still occur immediately, instead of after moving your next unit, etc.

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