(Video) What makes Fire Emblem Gameplay "Engaging?"

We discuss “engaging” gameplay all the time - but what even is that? Well, the meaning is subjective, but here is my video essay on the matter. Special Thanks to Pandan for helping with the script. Cheers.


You have some good points, but in the end i feel that there really is no simple answer to questions like this and so, knowing that different people play games in different ways, find different things engaging, and seek different experiences from games, the best thing you can do is probably to just try to make one that you think is good and then be open and upfront about what kind of gameplay that entails.

It may also be worth considering that opinions in a community like feu could potentially skew slightly in a certain direction and it’s probably best to show your game off in different places so as to not miss the audience that shares your particular tastes.

e: nah, dumb joke

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