(Video) The Case of "Recruiting" Team Members & what you can do instead

This video is geared towards newcomers; those who are just starting their project and may be looking to “recruit” or otherwise build a team to start work on their project. I outline how that may not (always) go as smoothly as they hope and possible alternatives for obtaining assets for a ROMHack. If you’re not a beginner and you’ve been in the community for a while, you probably already know all of the things I’m talking about in this video.
First time making a video of this caliber for me, I apologise for my rough accent. Eager to make more videos like this, I appreciate suggestions for that.

Your accent is fine and you were able to get your points across clearly without dragging the video out for too long. It’s good advice too although i think the biggest problem with newcomers is when they don’t bother looking up advice to begin with. :v


Thanks for reaching out for some details for the video. Was happy to help.

I added more detail on the video itself, but one more thing I’ll add for new folks starting their hack:

Almost every hack that is “well-regarded” today started in a very different state than its final one, and was usually just one or two people trying to figure things out. Don’t worry about getting it perfect or putting together a team before you get moving and show you can do it yourself.

There’s also more f2u assets and support than ever, so it’s easier to get started on your project largely alone - which is super cool.

Thanks for putting this together, Pent.


This was a very nice video to watch, I think that there are a lot of people who could be using this information. You always see it every day, someone asking for helpers in their hack without any previous information.
I also liked the editing, it felt good to watch. Very good quality.

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I just wanted to thank everyone for the overwhelmingly positive feedback on the video! I am motivated to put out more of these videos as most of my initial “nervousness” is no longer present. My main goal is to keep the videos short, informative and clean-looking. There are not that many FETubers focused on ROMHacking, so I hope that I can fill that niche. I also plan to make videos about ROMHacking that are geared towards people that aren’t deeply involved in the hacking community; my next video will most likely be something of that category.


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