"Vestaria Saga: Seven Sacred Circles" - An update from Kaga



I can’t read anything on that page but the screenshots excite me.

Damn, we need an english version of that engine. The graphics really pop.

Translations of the text would be much appreciated, if anyone is willing!

EDIT: As far as we can tell, “Vestaria Saga: Ring of the Seven Saints” is the English translation of the game’s title. Until a correction is issued, since obviously we wanna get the title right. The main confusion is over whether “rings” is supposed to be plural or not.

I won’t translate it word by word because it seems stupid for me to translate text from one foignen language to another.

However, a summary:
1.The music of the game is composed by Saitou. Kaga loves it.
2.The sprite is only temporary. Kaga expects H to complete it early.
3.The game is made by SRPGStudio, but it works well.
4.The game is adults oriented, not kids.
5.Some chapters are the same difficult and historic as those in BS.
6.2-3 stuff wanted:
(1)to love SRPG and want to make one by yourself.
(2)to be normal and polite people.
(3)to have spare time.
(4)to be willing to take part in this project.
Introduce yourself and comment on the blog if you want. There are already 3 people willing to join in this. You can required to be paid but the repay cannot be too high.

(PS: Kaga don’t know English so…)
7.The PV may come out on Nico next month.
8.Character designs are needed. About 100 characters needed.

The openning scroll (I confirm that someone can translate it better than I did):

People’s pain never stops
Nothing else to do but to pray in tears
God on the sky and king of light
Save us please

“Ring of the Seven Saints”
Well, I think it means 7 holy rings(or auras).

Welp, if this is anything like FE Gaiden or Tear Ring Saga, I’m all for it.

Thanks for the translating Mikoto.

I am surprised and pleased to see that this is still a thing tho, honestly.

Here’s what my sister had to say about translation:

(5:08:06 PM) Amielleon: He says he’s gonna post a trailer on NicoVideo in August
(5:08:40 PM) Amielleon: also he’s looking for two or three more staff members to help meet their summer deadlines
(5:09:37 PM) Amielleon: applicants must love SRPGS, have common sense and courtesy (read: probably no gaijin), have time and energy to spare, and want to work on an indie project
(5:09:44 PM) Amielleon: he invites such people to introduce themselves in the comments
(5:10:01 PM) Amielleon: it will probably be finished next summer
(5:10:52 PM) Amielleon: he still hasn’t found a character designer, probably in part because he can’t pay them very much
(5:11:46 PM) Amielleon: The first screenshot’s text reads:
(5:12:17 PM) Amielleon: “The suffering of man knows no end. Through the tears lies only hope. O god above, o king of the light, bring to us salvation…”

Question, aren’t the rights to the Tear ring Saga games still owned by Enterbrain? If so, it would explain why he’s releasing this for free. If not, I’m curious as to why he wouldn’t put a price tag on it? People would buy it after all. Kaga be like, Lawsuits are bad, but I can’t be sued over a game sold for free

It is TRS style but I don’t think the game will harm anyone else’s copyright. Maybe he just want to make a free game.
PS: I think the maps he created are too simple. For example, the mountains are just the same repeating tiles, like FE1.

Is that a limit of the tileset? (by that I mean, are there/are there not more mountain tiles to use to make variety)

And yeah, they are reminiscent of FE1 hehe

I would love to see an SRPG with digitally painted tilesets; that would be a pretty neat aesthetic.

It seems to me like it’s a simplistic RPG Maker-ish setup where there’s just a mountain tile and it spams the joined tile for you. And you can sprinkle volcanoes on top or whatever. The basic resources he’s working with are definitely a challenge until he acquires replacements.

Also I think the TRS mugs are just placeholders.

The tileset can be made by yourself so I don’t think there is any limit. I think he just lack an excellent map desighner.

I figured the TRS saga mugs were placeholders since he was looking for a character artist. Map design similar to FE1 is an interesting style choice tho. My lawsuit concerns were more from shock at the fact he isn’t even hiding that this a Tear Ring Saga series game. Same title format, and similar styles (even if they are placeholders, they could still be claimed copyright at this stage since he is showing them off) suggest being part of Tear Ring Saga’s series. Combined with the fact he HAS been sued before for being too similar, I’m a tad concerned.

Did they ever say what style the gameplay would be like? I’ve read on Serenes that it’s maps are FE style grids on Berwick Saga sized maps. I’ve never played Berwick Saga due to lack of a Fanslation, so how big is a typical Berwick Saga map?

FE Gaiden or Tear Ring Saga style gameplay plz Kaga, thanks?

…that’s what I meant, the default/provided tileset has limited mountain tiles (Or, what I was asking about, anyway)