Vestaria Saga: Any plans for translation project?

Hello everyone, I was wondering if there are any plans to translate Shouzou Kaga’s Vestaria Saga into English? I saw some trailers, and it looks pretty nice.

As far as a translation of Vestaria goes, I know their’s interest in the community, but Kaga himself has said “No” to the fans who wanted to make a translation patch due to copyright issues with the owners of SRPG Studio, so unless we find a workaround Japanese Copyright Law, there won’t be one anytime soon. That said, the game is very easy to work thru in Japanese even if you can’t understand the langauge, so if you want to try it out, there’s no harm trying it in Japanese.

Okay, thanks for the info, I will try it in Japanese.

In reality a Japanese law isn’t going to stop some random person in another country from translating the game :smiley:
I wouldn’t expect it anytime soon though; the game is encrypted by SRPG Studio so unless someone figures out how to crack it a translation is unlikely. I’ve managed to make some text edits by modifying the RAM, but unfortunately nothing permanent.