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So I took what Sme & Circles had done and made the text, number of options, and the flags to set to be entirely in the .event file instead of in the C file. I removed the description at the bottom but made it up to 8 options on screen instead of just the 3. I have not added support for scrolling or multiple pages, but I did make it much easier to configure now at least.

It takes over difficulty selection, so it makes these two patches do nothing:

This way I can set a few specific global flags based on what the player chooses at the start of the game.

Credits for this also goes to Sme and Circles.


Number Entry

Allows the player to chose a number. Returns the result to memory slot C. You can choose the initial, min, and the max values in slots 1, 2, and 3. Slots 4, 5, and 6 are for text IDs of the title and up to 3 lines of explanation on the top and the bottom. If you put 0 in these slots, text will not appear.

You can set whatever BG you want to - here I set the black BG 0x35.

I hope someone finds a cool use for this! :slight_smile:


Question to the wizard on deck. You still interested in skill ideas, or is the shop closed for buissness?

I’m not looking for skill ideas right now, sorry.

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Fair enough…thank you for the reply

Modular Inventory Expansion

They said it was impossible, but they were wrong.

This hack allows units to hold up to 10 items by scrolling through them. Theoretically more is possible, but I couldn’t find the ram space for it. Please note that this takes over your EMS configuration - by default it supports 200 convoy and 62 player units, but if you use a custom EMS, you’ll need to reconfigure it.


So is this an elaborate April Fools joke? Or did you post the wrong gif by accident?

I wouldn’t exactly call it elaborate - I didn’t fake a screenshot or actually make anything :sweat_smile:
Apologies to anyone that I got their hopes up.


WOW,thank you so much! I made a small game in my project,“Input Password”,when I first saw you hack,I exclaimed, “That’s it!”

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