Venno's small ASM hacks and notes


Good catch, I’ve added those fixes.

This may explain the problems people have had with the FE8 version…


bls, IIRC.


Lol, yeah, I installed it and growths got borked, but I actually could debug it, lol.

@zahlman isn’t that strictly <?


Nah, bls is branch lower/same.



Also, you know there’s all kinds of reference material for this kind of thing, right? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes but when I tried to read it it was just like “Branch if (these certain flags are set/not set” and I didn’t care to work out the math/look at the docs for the flags to see what that actually meant.

But let’s not get too off-topic.


I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here. After installing this hack for FE8, whenever I set an item to give a passive boost with weapon ability byte 3 = 0x80, it always gives +51 str, spd, res and +2 skl, def, luk no matter what pointer I set for the boost. I tried installing this hack using Cam’s assembly patcher and also manually by comparing the .dmps of the FE8 and FE7 versions. Both methods yield the same problem.



Venno, I have a small side request related to your passive stat boost hack. I want most items to be able to stack with themselves and each other, but I also want a couple of items to not stack with themselves or each other, e.g. if only Dragonshields and Talismans never stacked with each other:

  • A unit with 2 Dragonshields would only get +2 def
  • A unit with 2 Talismans would only get +2 res
  • A unit with a Dragonshield and a Talisman would only get +2 def or +2 res, depending on which item is higher in the unit’s inventory
  • A unit with 1 Energy Ring and 1 Dragonshield would get +2 str and +2 def

Basically, I want some items to act like FE12 star shards (give boosts when not equipped), while some items act like FE9 items (give boosts only when “equipped,” or first in inventory). The goal is to create a very basic shield system where a unit can only have one kind of shield “equipped” at a time.

Alternatively, I would also be okay if, for example, Dragonshields and Talismans could stack with each other but didn’t stack with themselves. Essentially it would be combining the two versions of the hack that you have, which may be easier for you. Either way is okay.


Kinda late, but how hard would it be to make the supports go up at the end of the chapter instead of the beginning?
This way, units that join in the middle of the chapter can still gain supports.


you gain support points mid-chapter anyway?


Eh? I thought the hack only makes the support points go up once, at the beginning of the chapter. Unless I’ve completely misunderstood it…


Never mind. I didn’t realise you were referring to Venno’s hack


Okay, well if this is still relevant to you I think I can do what you’re asking before Christmastime. Some kind of table defining which kinds of items can’t be used together perhaps, so that only the first counts.

@plusplus making support points go up at the end of a chapter ought to be doable, if less trivial than before…I’ll have to get back into the swing of things, I haven’t touched FE in at least a year.


Updated the autocursor fix, effectiveness rework, weapon lock expansion (e: and the FE8 Dance tweak) to work with Event Assembler. I think that’s the last of the hacks that obliged you to fool around with assembly patchers or manually inserting links to custom code.


Erm, the passive stat booster (FE8) doesn’t seem to work at all. I apply the script with EA to a clean rom, and upon starting a new game, it plays the opening cutscene and then goes back to the title screen. Attempting to load an existing save results in a black screen. No changes to items are made.


I have the same problem trying to apply the Effectiveness Rework v3 mod, used EA patch “FE8 Effectiveness.txt” to a clean ROM as the Readme instructs, and resets to the title screen when it tries to load the Seth/Valter cutscene.