Venno's small ASM hacks and notes

Hey Venno, how about a version that adds MAG and RES and divides the value by two before adding to the item’s power byte?

This is great too, I’ll definitely use these if I can get an FE8 version. Solves some balancing issues I was having with staves.

You made sure to use the getts for boosted/efffective Magic, right? Not just loaded right out of the unit struct?

Of course! Just like the original routine.

@Arch, the link for the modules is down. Could you reup this please?

Update - added an FE8 version of the item might-based healing mod.

For those of you that want chapters without the main lord in them, here are two small hacks which remove some of the bugs related to that: the autocursor and the status screen. Normally these focus on the first member of your roster, whether or not they’re deployed; this code instead has them focus on the first deployed character.

Link (FE7)

People hacking FE8 have it much easier; just write 21 E0 at 0x3325A, and both problems will be fixed!


New hack for FE7 (but easily ported to FE8/FE6 as well) that makes the length of statuses applied by status staves dependent on the level of the caster; the maximum length is still 5 turns though.

Download (FE7)

I wonder how many links you’re allowed to put in a single post…the OP is getting real crowded now.

whats the formula?

Exact formula is:

Level 1-4: 2 Turns
Level 5-9: 3 Turns
Level 10-14: 4 Turns
Level 15+ : 5 Turns
Promoted users will make their statuses last 5 turns.

I suppose this would be a bit more complicated for FE8, right…?
It would outright solve most of my problems. T-T

I’ll take a look for FE8 - shouldn’t be too tough to make it always use the Skirmish system for determining the leader.

That’d be awesome, thank you so much.

Meanwhile, I’ve made a system for items that modify a character’s growths when held - much like FE5’s Crusader Scrolls, both positive and negative growth modifiers can be used.

This hack uses one of the unknown bytes in item data, and makes use of an item’s stat boost pointer; an item set to modify growths will use the first nine bytes of its stat boost as stat boosts as normal, and the following seven bytes will be read for growth mods, for 16 bytes total for the stat/growth boost array for a growth modifier (normal items only use the regular 9 bytes, as before)

There are two versions of this mod - one which allows multiple growth-modifying items to stack their effects, and one which does not. Both of them install in the same way.

Download (FE8)

Thanks to @Crazycolorz5 for his shortened level-up routine that I used as a base for this.


Alright, I think I have the answer: at 0x3325A, write 21 E0; that’ll make the autocursor focus on the first deployed unit, and will also make the status screen reflect that!

but…Blazer did that like a year ago

Whoa whoa whoa, super cool! ^^

And also, thanks for the autocursor fix. Now that’s a real life saver.

If he did, he never posted it anywhere. So really he didn’t do it if he didn’t bother making it available in any way.

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I love it when “X did this but never released it.” If someone can’t provide a public link there shouldn’t be any claim to “did this first” unless it’s really something nobody else is gonna to be able to do.


Update - added a version of the passive stat boost hack that prevents multiple passive boosting items that boost the same stat from stacking their effects. Only the first one in inventory will apply.

You can still have a passive Speedwing and Energy Ring together, but not two Speedwings; and a theoretical item that boosted all stats would not be usable with any other passive stat boosting item.

Bug fix update - the custom animations for FE8 hack had a small error that resulted in all animations turning into map animations, which has now been fixed. All the files have now been condensed into a single .zip too, so you don’t have to download everything one by one.

Edit: Fixed up some other hacks which had issues; the old download links still work for you to get the fixed versions.

-DSFE-style growths
-Dancer Tweak
-Growth-modifying items