Velvet's Random Hack Menagerie

I have no idea where to put this, welp.

Wouldn’t usually do this, but people were asking about this little tactician hack thing I did aaand I dunno if I’ll take it further than prologue, so just a general thread for all of my random hack thingies that might not truly go anywhere, do whatever you want with any of these. There are some to-do lists, feel free to continue with these because I’m probably never touching them again. No screenshots, but videos that I did for them whenever for each.

Have fun?

Let’s see… Tactical Advance, just puts a playable Tactician in-game, affected by name and gender things you set, dunno about affinity though so that’s just static. Prologue only, but please feel free to expand upon it if you wish.

Silver Lance Hack is just a fun ‘what if’ Seth uses his Silver Lance at the start against Valter instead of being stingy, again, prologue only in terms of proper gameplay, although Seth, due to being uninjured DOES start with even more stats-- not that he needed a buff. There’s also Glen not dying, but no gameplay difference there here, though it was planned.

Lunacy Edition is just a stupid little hack where you can field EVERYONE. Eirika Mode only.

All of them are here because I’m lazy and I might… potentially? drop more random hacks in here if I get bored and do something stupid again.